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Jennifer Young launches personalised wellness gift sets for cancer patients

  • Cancer skincare specialist, Jennifer Young, launches bespoke gifting for cancer patients
  • The Unique Gifting Service tailors wellbeing gifts to the message, wants and needs of loved ones
  • Customers can choose the message theme, contents and gift size
  • The service features six designs, all inspired by the gift messages, entrusted to us by our clients over the years
Jennifer Young gifts

Cancer skincare specialist, Jennifer Young, has launched a Unique Gifting Service, a bespoke gifting service designed to help customers tailor gifts to the personal wants and needs of loved ones who have experienced a cancer diagnosis.

It’s natural to want to show love to the people we care about when they are experiencing a hard time by giving gifts and tokens of support. However, knowing what to say isn’t always easy, and neither is choosing products that will be effective, gentle, and enjoyable to use. The Unique Gifting Service offers a choice of packaging and cards design to accompany a selection of gifts, featuring designs that have been chosen by Jennifer Young and drawing on her many years of learning from those affected by cancer.

The service features six designs, all inspired by the gift messages, entrusted to us by our clients over the years. They reflect the support, love and encouragement that accompany every purchase.

Available through Jennifer Young’s Beauty Despite Cancer website, customers select a message which reflects the custom gift packaging. Messages include:

  • You’ve Got This: this is one of the most used phrases to appear in customer messages. There is an almost universal respect for the dignity with which those living with and beyond cancer deal with, not only their diagnosis, but the rest of their lives.
  • Thinking of You: a simple message to let the recipient know that they are not forgotten.
  • & Breathe: acknowledges the trauma and shock of a diagnosis, or the many demands made when one is undergoing treatment.
  • Brave & Beautiful: reflecting the belief that all of those we help are beautiful inside and out
  • Bring it On: a message of determined defiance.
  • Warmth & Love: a simple message to let the recipient know that they are not forgotten.
  • Jennifer Young standard packaging: For those who already know what they want to say.
Jennifer Young gifts

Individuals then ‘build’ their own gift box by selecting as many products as they want from the following categories: cashmere socks, roll on aromatherapy, face products, body products, nail support, scalp care, bath treats, bedtime gifts, home fragrances, drinks and nibbles.

“We have delivered more gifts to cancer patients than I can count. Most of those gifts have been accompanied by messages which I love to read. Sometimes the message will prompt the despatch team to add an extra gift from us. I remember meeting a lady who attended my workshop at a Harley Street Cancer Hospital. She told me that her gift contained two messages. The first, and most important, was: ‘Happy Birthday Mummy. I hope you like this. Love from Lucy’. The second read: ‘Dear Lucy, we want to wish your mummy a happy birthday as well. We have included some extra gifts from us. We hope that is ok. Love from Team JY’. This gifting service is all about making it easier for friends and family to support loved ones with meaningful, nurturing gifts, the most important part of which, is the message.”

– Jennifer

The Unique Gifting Service is now available at Beauty Despite Cancer.


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