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Last minute Christmas gifts that are as much fun to give as receive

Christmas comes but once a year.  However, between the busy working days and all our life commitments, somehow it still seems to sneak up on us.  Not this year though!

Before we know it, the chance to find a gift that shows serious thought and meaning has gone. Then we find ourselves racing around the shops last minute, which usually ends in OTT guilt spending.  

This year however, last minute shopping doesn’t have to be that way, thanks to spa vouchers that you could leave as late as Christmas Eve without any need to panic…

Forget traditional over-spending

Previously, newspapers have reported that “almost half of Britons thoughtlessly panic-buy presents for family and friends”.  They stated that “one third leave their shopping to just one week before Christmas.”  

Furthermore, amidst the pressure to just get something, sentiment seemed to well and truly go out the window “with many buying the first thing they see just to ‘get it done’.” Historically, this has resulted in a triptych of late shopping days in the form of ‘Frantic Thursday’, ‘Frenzied Friday’ and ‘Slapdash Saturday’. 

The cost of this last minute mad rush? It has been estimated that British shoppers splashed up to £1.4bn on credit and debit cards on the Saturday.  Payment processing firm Worldpay said it expected to handle 49,000 card transactions every minute. That meant that department stores’ tills were set to ring to the tune of £113m, while fashion retailers took in £90m.

Perfect presents without the panic

Aside from the overspending, traditionally last-minute Christmas shopping just doesn’t give you the feel-good factor that taking the time to think about presents for friends and family can. Good Housekeeping magazine highlighted the range of emotions that panic buying can induce. It starts with panic, and ends in regret - none of which have a place in the festive vocabulary.

Fortunately, thanks to the combined worlds of spa and online shopping, none of these things need come to pass this year. At our spa gift vouchers come in a choice of packaging options. Firstly, you can choose a stylish gift card and sleeve sent in the post. Then there’s the gift box option for a little extra wow factor. You can also upgrade further by adding in a Temple Spa beauty for pampering at home to get the feel-good-factor started.

However, for those looking for a last minute gift, the e-voucher packs all the punch without any of the panic. Receive it instantly as a printable version without delivery costs and personalised to your liking. Thought, consideration, appreciation, and you can spend what you like with a choice of Gift of Spa vouchers or Monetary vouchers to suit you and your budget! 

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