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What is a quartz spa treatment bed?

The spa treatment bed that harnesses the power of Mother Nature

Going on a spa break can be a bit like discovering a treasure trove - Swarovski manicures, pebble pathways, oxygen rooms, infinity pools, cryotherapy chambers and indeed Dolomite quartz beds to help promote a deeper state of relaxation.

At Cloud Twelve, the day spa in Notting Hill, known for its eco-friendly products, organic food and stylish holistic wellness, this is one feature of their beautiful spa, and an indicator of the attention to detail that goes with their wellness experience. So what, exactly is a quartz bed and why would you want to use one?

Here, Cloud Twelve's Spa Coordinator, Sabina Dzinic​, explains.

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What is a quartz bed? 

It's a spa treatment bed with a difference. Comprising spherical Dolomites quartz crystals, which warm and mould around you and body, you can let your mind drift into a deep state of relaxation while you enjoy your spa treatment.

What does the quartz bed do?

Dolomite quartz is known to invigorate our entire chakra system while grounding our emotions as well. If you often find yourself out of balance, Dolomite's energies focus on balancing our emotional and physical bodies.

In the quartz bed, we can tap into Mother Earth's energies and intentions so that we may begin to reprogram our chakra system to be fully aligned once more. Meanwhile, the dry heat is reminiscent of the beach, and the granular nature of the sand provides great support for a massage or facial.

Who is it recommended for? 

It's great if you want to clear your head, if you're feeling drained or if you feel like your energy needs balancing. Even in the centre of London it's a lovely way to reconnect with Mother Earth.

Is there anyone who shouldn't use it?

The treatment bed isn't recommended for anyone who's having a pregnancy massage or treatment.

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