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What you need to know about the new Oxygen Pod at Rudding Park

The brand new Oxygen Pod at Rudding Park brings a new and enhanced experience to a spa day or break.  Here’s what you need to know…

An interesting concept leveraging three different components, the oxygen pod pumps up to nine litres of concentrated oxygen into the room per minute. Normal air is about 21% oxygen but this is 27%.

The increased oxygen benefits are:

  • It helps to strengthen the immune system
  • Slow down signs of ageing

It doesn’t stop there however, there are two other elements that are equally important.  Firstly, the ionizer. There is a lot of research done into when people are at their most happy, and it’s typically when there are more negatively charged ions in a room or space.  That’s often by waterfalls, the sea or in the mountains. Rudding Park has an ioniser in the oxygen pod, which neutralises pollutants in the air, effectively. Having increased the oxygen levels in the pod, the ionizer then basically purifies the air.

The ionizer benefits are:

  • It stimulates the metabolism and body regeneration
  • Creates allergen free, cleaner air

The third element is what gives the room more of an atmosphere.  You don’t really feel anything specific at the time from the oxygen and ionisation. There’s no taste or smell or sound. So this system introduces a micro fine dry salt mist into the room. You can see it coming into the room and taste it in the air.  There are no other salt-related features facilities in the spa so it’s a really unique space.

Health benefits of the dry salt mist are:  

  • It’s great for the respiratory system
  • Helps with breathing and skincare

There are six seats in the oxygen pod, and Rudding Park recommends that guests stay in it for 10-15 minutes. You should treat it as part of overall spa experience while you’re there rather than an isolated experience. It’s a little bit like a sauna except not as hot - a comfortable heat.  It is a confined space in order to keep the concentration of oxygen levels stable, and it’s located within their beautiful rooftop spa garden.


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