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London’s first ever wine spa has opened – now you can bathe in Merlot!

English wine has been gaining popularity and an increasingly distinguished reputation for excellence, but in London it seems it is Merlot that’s good enough to bathe in.

red wine bath

Yep, you heard us, London has introduced its first ever wine spa, a chance to submerge yourself in red wine to benefit from its anti-oxidising properties and polyphenols in grapes that stimulate circulation and do wonders for your skin.

A historic practice dating back to a time when royals used to rub grape juice all over their bodies. Today it is brand new spa Ella Di Rocco has brought the Merlot medicine to Fulham Road. The treatment starts with a full body Merlot scrub, which promises to cleanse your skin and give you a unique, multi-sensory experience. You’re then invited to soak in a bath of Sangiovese, Merlot and Ciliegiolo, all mixed with warm water and virgin grape juice concentrate.

The temperature is designed to open your pores, release toxins, lower blood sugar levels and relieve painful joints and muscles. After the boozy bath, you’ll also be treated to a detoxifying massage using purifying and invigorating grapeseed oil.

Prices vary as different treatments and packages are available.

Cheers to spring!


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