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More of us are using spas than ever before

More of us are discovering the power, joy and benefits of a spa break than ever before, which hopefully means that more of us are not only paying attention to our wellbeing, but are enjoying it too!

According to Mindbody’s 2021 edition of its annual State of the Spa and Salon Industry Report, which included surveys of 1,230 US consumers and 1,200 US wellness businesses we’re all choosing to spend more of our time pampering, relaxing and treating our minds and bodies like the temples that they are with a little help from the spa world.

The spa surveys showed:

  • A renewed interest in as soon as lockdowns ended
  • We’re investing more of our time and money in treatments
  • More of us are making a habit of it, adding wellness services or treatments to our routines and with 49% saying they plan to travel more than once in the next six months
  • In the States, 24% of consumers were first-time spa goers

Those heading to spas are also being more adventurous with their choices, with 59% saying they were more open to trying new therapies than before the pandemic.

Trends from UK spas

Similar trends are reported in the UK. In July, Champneys surveyed 2000 people and found that:

  • 30% of Brits prioritise self care more since Covid
  • 20% now prioritise massages, facials and other wellness treatments
  • GenZ leads the way in wellness habits, with 49% agreeing it had a positive impact on their mental health
  • Meanwhile, millennials were the ones that showed biggest behaviour change for treatments, now seeking wellbeing treatments more than aesthetic ones

What’s really exciting about the change in attitudes from our perspective, is that it signals a real change in how the spa industry is viewed. We have often talked about how many different types of spa experience there are around, suiting a variety of locations, occasions, budgets, time frames and treatment options. Spas are a place for channelling wellness, and enjoying it, and it’s amazing to see more people accessing and discovering this wonderful world than ever before!


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