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Mothering our mothers: use aromatherapy to create a calming environment this Mother's Day

Giving our mums and mother figures the gift of feel good factor, expert aromatherapist, Beverley Higham, writes about the intrinsic power of aromatherapy and how it can be used at home for everyday wellness.

Whether you’re thinking about treating your mum to a spa gift in the form of wellbeing at home or at a luxury spa hotel, here Beverley reminds us that we can use aromatherapy to really care for our mothers with thoughtful considerations this Mother’s Day.

Mothering is described as the activity of bringing up a child. The word relates to the characteristics of a mother being protective, caring and kind, the very essences of aromatherapy.  

Meanwhile, March is the month of Mother’s day.  It is also the beginning of spring and hopefully the air will be full of fragrant blossoms and spring herbs. It is traditional to buy flowers for mum on Mothering Sunday.  Of course, they are an inherent symbol of spring as well. But what about gifting aromatherapy oils, products or spa treatments instead?

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Uplifting lemongrass throughout the home

Uplifting, nurturing aromas make an energising gift that can fill the rooms of the home with sunshine. Lovely lemongrass is a sherbet like fragrance that brings a sharp, cleansing freshness to the air and is also highly anti-bactericidal. A few drops on a cloth and you can wipe surfaces whilst at the same time being emotionally propelled to Balinese landscapes and padi fields.

Everyday heart healing with a drop of rose essential oil

Being a homemaker and Mother myself, I find ironing a de-stressing and relaxing  opportunity and a time to listen to audio books. I buy beautiful rose hydrolat (rose water) and use it in my steam iron. It’s the product of the distillation process so it is ideal for the steam iron and leaves a subtle clean fresh perfume on linens. As I am ironing I am enjoying the beautiful aroma of rose.  The heart healing qualities are confidence building, skin toning and spiritually nurturing. I am certainly not suggesting you give your mum ironing to do on Mother’s Day. Perhaps just some really lovely rose essential oil for daily feel-good factor.

A positive mindset with juniper berry essential oil

Sprinkle positivity in the form of juniper berry essential oil on mum’s doormat to keep the home free from anything that will upset the atmosphere or create mental clutter.  As people enter the home they leave their troubles behind and don’t bring them into your space. Mix it with a few drops of lime and everyone in the home will have a positive energy field. Both these oils are renowned for cleansing the aura.

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Champagne for the soul: lavender essential oil

If your Mother likes lavender, then use it to help her relax before bed. It can induce a peaceful sleep if used subtly.  A few drops on a tissue placed under the pillow in the morning will leave a soft aroma towards the evening when the molecules will have evaporated a little.  Add an additional drop of clary-sage if your mum has been experiencing stress recently. It’s like a glass of champagne for lifting the mood and balancing the body and mind.

The ultimate aromatherapy bath

Finally, run her a bath to which you have thrown in a cup of Himalayan salt, powdered milk, a spoonful of rose and lavender petals and six drops of rose geranium essential oil that have been pre-diluted in a teaspoon of sweet almond oil or sunflower oil. Remember to always check for allergies, no one knows your Mum like you do?

So there we are, just a few aromatic tips on how you can mother the mother figure in your life the aromatic way on Mother’s Day.

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