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Next Big Thing: Ally Bradley

Baking, beaches, and being by the sea, Devon-based, Kiss Me Cake founder, Ally Bradley talks about the sweetest of inspiration that’s making her cupcake business the Next Big Thing!

What are you up to at the moment?

All energies are focused on new recipes for cakes, bakes, and shakes at the moment! I have been experimenting over the last year and writing up bespoke recipes for the cookbook which I (cross all fingers and eyebrows) hope to publish at some point next year. I have created an incredibly delicious, crunchy, healthy popping muesli using all sorts of nuts, seeds, dates, homemade chocolate and dried fruits! It’s super healthy and uses Greek honey from my home.

Where did the idea for Kiss Me Cake come from?

I needed to create a name for my cake business, but struggled to think of a good name. I’d considered other names, such as Cakes by Ally, but they all seemed a bit dated, overused, and predictable. I really wanted something that was unique - just like the cakes I make. I also wanted something that stuck in people’s heads - who wants the same business name as someone down the road? I have always had a sweet tooth and enjoy every minute of a sweet treat. I came up with the name on a train down to London, I had baked a lemon meringue and poppy cup and was so hungry, I remember kissing the cup before I got stuck in and thought of Kiss Me Cake.  With my slogan ‘Yummy Yummy for your Tummy’ … because it is!  The business is now expanding as I have been experimenting and researching for over a year now with healthy foods, juices, and bakes! The new brand will be called, Kiss Me Cake, Bake and Shake! It’s fun!

Who’s your role model?

Throughout, there has been one person who has always been in my life; my mama.  Without insufficiently stating her impact and influence on the person I am and aspire to become, I must say my mama is the only role model I’ve ever had.  She taught me many great lessons in life. Among them are prioritising, patience, and planning. Above all, these three Ps are the most important lessons my mama has shared with me. Today, I continue setting goals and prioritising my life to achieve them, but one cannot achieve anything without a great amount of patience. I learned from the best Greek mama!!!

Who would play you in a movie?

Yikes … Off the top of my  head, Sarah Jessica  Parker,  It must be the curls!

What’s your earliest foodie memory?

Standing on my favourite stool in my Yia Yias kitchen in Greece watching her make homemade muesli! I remember being so over excited with any cooking prep work in the kitchen and if I wasn’t helping to mix the ingredients, I was usually perched by the sink licking the bowl out dry!! I haven’t changed … there’s nothing better than waiting for your cake to bake in the oven and relaxing with a bowl of leftover cake mix!

What’s the biggest lesson you have learned so far?

To take risks and go for it! I started my cupcake business by taking a risk, leaving my full time comfortable role in the office and I was lead to a whole new fresh start. I was the captain of the business! The biggest mistake you can make is not making any mistakes. My favourite quote is: “In a world that’s changing really quickly the only strategy where you’re guaranteed to fail is not taking any risk and not changing anything”  - courtesy of Mark Zuckerberg.

When you’re not working on being the next big thing, what do you do to relax?

Daily yoga is part of the regime. Stretch out, get ready for a new day, count your lucky stars, and smile smile smile!  As I am indoors baking for most of the day I love a stroll and a run in the woods by the sea. You can’t beat fresh sea air!

We encourage everyone to do one thing each week to be kind to themselves, what are you going to do this week to #bekindtoyou?

I love this!!! I will be blocking out a couple of hours dedicated to me. How am I going to be kind to me …? I’m going to bake a summer fruit millefeuille which I have not made before, enjoy it with my favourite earl grey tea, read my book (hopefully in the sun), have a nice stretch, and really appreciate how lucky I am!!!! Waw, I can’t wait!

Think you know the #NextBigThing?  Tell us about it @spabreaks!

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