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We’re all in need of summer spa breaks

We’re not just in need of a holiday, most of us are in need of more of a wellness boost than usual this summer. As we look forward to travelling a bit more, especially within the UK, it’s not just about sun, sea and sand but summer spa breaks as well.

We knew wellness was important, but given the global threat to health we’ve all got a little more appreciation for it these days. That doesn’t just mean keeping up with the daily jog we took up in lockdown, it means enjoying our wellbeing as well. That want and need is being reflected in the spa trends emerging now that lockdown is easing and thanks to the work that spas across the country have been doing to create safe and supportive environments.

Cottonmill Spa at Sopwell House

Longer summer spa breaks are in vogue

Once upon a time, spas were somewhere you went for the day. While that’s still a popular thing to do, many of us are now recognising the value of a few days to really relax and unwind. There doesn’t have to be separation between a holiday and a spa break. The two can be combined, with longer getaways proving popular at wellness retreats and hotel spas. So, you can enjoy the best of all worlds, whether you’re travelling with family, friends, on your own or with your partner.

Responding to consumer demand, spas are offering more two-night spa packages (and longer), and they’re getting booked up. Requests for weekend bookings through to the end of August have been outstripping demand, meaning we’re beginning to book further ahead, but also meaning there are some fantastic mid-week offers available.

Fitting wellness into the working week

Given our increasing wellbeing focus, many of us are looking for ways to incorporate wellbeing into our working week. As a result, there’s increased demand for part-day spa experiences (perhaps for after work), which works well as spas have introduced more half-day experiences in order to manage capacity (needed to be reduced to maintain social distancing).

This type of regular wellness break also means individuals are exploring spas closer to home in a way they might not have done before - proving you don’t have to travel far for a little escapism. Meanwhile, spas have been mindful that we all deserve a real treat after the year we’ve all had. Luxury is very much on the cards, with more luxe experiences available with careful attention paid to the details such as gifts to take home and longer spa treatments.

Improving the customer experience for safe and better travel in 2021

Of course, returning to summer spa breaks is as much about what’s been happening behind the scenes to improve experiences and to operate safely. There’s been a huge amount going on to make the industry Covid-secure and to provide reassurance without compromising the quality of customer experiences.

For example, at we decided to use the last 12 months as productively as possible. We took the decision early on to continue investing in our digital offering so as to provide a better customer service experience. That means that now we can book again, it is quicker and easier than ever before. For example, all our vouchers can now be redeemed online, instead of on purely over the phone.

We also created government advice boxes across the website allowing us to update visitors within 45 mins of every announcement (hopefully there will be fewer of those moving forward). New content hubs are also available to keep customers fully informed about what to expect at spas in terms of experience, offerings and things to do, and to provide reassurance as well.

In the wider context, as already mentioned, to maintain social distancing and a pleasant safe environment, spas across the board are restricting capacity for the time being. In many ways, it ensures a more luxurious experience and it’s a practice that’s typical of five-star destinations even under normal circumstances. However, it does mean that it’s more important than ever to book early. All of this is in addition to their hygiene practices and risk assessments, which spas and therapists practice as standard and have also updated and adapted for the current climate.

If you would like to book a spa break, visit, or if you have any questions, contact our team by phone or via the website.

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