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What to pack on your Valentine’s Weekend away

A Valentine’s weekend away - lucky you! (No, honestly, we’re super-jealous).

Whether your man has treated you to a mini-break that would make Bridget proud or you’re escaping daily life with your BFFs, don’t let packing ruin your out-of-office vibe.  Focus on the treatments menu and leave the packing to us. Here are Dorothy Perkins eight must-have items for any Valentine’s weekend away…

What to Pack for your Valentine's Weekend Away

Better-Than-Basic Basics

Whether it’s long haul or short haul, the thought of travel just makes you crave comfort… but that doesn’t mean you can’t be stylish too. Luxe sportswear is everywhere right now, so look to sporty shapes and slinky fabrics for comfort that’s also seriously chic!

A Back-Up Dress

We’ve all had that moment when the dress you definitely thought wear just isn’t going to cut it for dinner that evening. Save yourself the stress and pack your two favourite dresses for the occasion. That’s the beauty of travelling in the UK - there’s no baggage allowance!

A Weekend Bag

If you do plan on travelling light you’re going to need a roomy satchel or oversized tote to fit everything in. If you think you’ll want another option, try our favourite trick which is to pack a clutch in your tote and just take it out when it’s dinner time!


No road trip is complete without them, regardless of the weather. If the sun decides to shine, you need to look good. A pair of shades is essential for crisp, sunny, spring days - go for sleek, oversized shapes for next-level cool.

A Weather-Proof Jacket

If you’re headed somewhere in the UK this month, rain is likely. Don’t let unpredictable weather cramp your style, pack a statement coat. Whether it’s a bold faux-fur or a go-with-everything boyfriend style, the extra layer is all you need!

Second-Skin Jeans

No off-duty outfit is complete without them. Your every-day skinnies should be with you wherever you’re headed. Whether you’re wearing a stretchy skinny to travel in or coated leather-look jeans for the evening, denim is your weekend-packing essential.


Every holiday deserves a new pair of pyjamas! Don’t you feel the need to wear extra-special sleepwear when going on a getaway? We say indulge! Buy yourself an adorable matching teddy set and problem solved.

A Top That Goes With Everything

A nautical striped tee is one of our favourite wardrobe workhorses. Don’t leave home without it. Bonus: no suitcase-induced wrinkles here! Now all you need to do is zip up your case and make your way to your heavenly destination!

You can thank us later x


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