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Power of a spa robe

It's National Pyjama Day tomorrow, and while that may seem like a day of little consequence to most, as people to both delight in comfort and know the true power of a fluffy spa robe, we couldn't be happier about it.

If you're anything like us, you don't need much of an excuse to wear your pyjamas. Invariably, they're straight on the second we get home, and as people with an excellent excuse to embrace athleisure, we've got a penchant for PJ-style comfort beyond the four walls of our own homes as well.

More than that however, we have a particular reverence for the fluffy dressing gown, or spa robes, as we prefer to call them. You see, to us, this is more than simply a comfortable item of warm, snuggly clothing. This is a metaphor for everything we value about the wonderful world of spa.

A spa break for everybody

For many years, we have been dedicated to one particular mantra: a spa break for everybody.

For us, this phrase has multiple meanings. On the surface, it describes what we do because we offer a vast range of options from price points to locations and experiences at spas across the country, so we hope we will always find something that suits your wants, needs and budget.

However, we are also wholly committed to the belief that spas should feel like welcoming destinations for everyone, at every stage of life, health and wellbeing. There's historically been a bit of a belief that spas are exclusive places, open to the select few. Perhaps you think they're mostly for women, or they're for rich people or a particular demographic.

We know them to be places that offer a sense of wellbeing and sanctuary for everyone - every body type, every health stage, every age - everybody.

Spas as a safe space

For us, the robe is a symbol of that all embracing support. It's an emblem of spas as somewhere you can feel safe, warm and comforted.

Spas are places where, for a little while at least, you can exist without your proverbial armour on, where you are taken care of, where there's no judgement and where you're wrapped up, cocooned. A spa is an environment where no one has their make-up on, everyone is simply recovering for a moment from whatever life is throwing at them, and taking time out.

Just like that fluffy robe, a spa is a safe space where someone else takes care of you for a bit.

So, that's why we love National Pyjama Day. How about you?

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