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Press Pause on Menopause

The Lowry introduces their personalised spa experience for women in menopause.

The Lowry Hotel is well known for being a beautiful, contemporary hotel on the edge of Manchester city centre and with views of the River Irwell. Within it, the recently updated RE:TREAT spa, is the ultimate in urban wellness, with unique experiences ranging from a cryotherapy chamber to a sensory deprivation tank.

The focus is on providing a complete wellbeing experience to really support people at different stages of health and with different goals. One area in which they are personalising spa therapies is with their Press Pause on Menopause spa experiences.

Natasha Bowles, Spa Operations Manager, says: "People are becoming so much more aware of their health, the benefits of treating things early, and placing an emphasis on prevention or reducing symptoms. We can't stop ageing but can improve the experience, which is why, at RE:TREAT, we created Press Pause on Menopause. Therapists will listen to individuals and their concerns/symptoms they're experiencing that day. If you have hot flushes, we will put all the products on ice. A cold flush is a thing too, so we can also put all products in the cabin to warm them up. It's all about focusing on making the experience as comfortable as possible."

What to expect from your menopause spa day

During your spa day your spa therapist will carefully test the hydration levels in your skin with an innovative device which allows them to create a bespoke course of treatment. You will then experience a personalised facial, either hot or cold to suit your unique needs. Using effleurage motions with mitts and cryo balls they will counteract the effects of your body’s hot or cold flashes. Then, by using their intuitive moisture levels tool they will preempt any potential causes for irritation in the future and provide you with a suggested product plan.

Natasha says: "Skin can be very sensitive in menopause, so we use Elemis' Pro-Collagen Rose range, which all help to reduce redness, sensitivity and support hydration. We also offer an upgraded version of the spa day, which includes a pelvic scan you can give to your doctor if you have anything you want to discuss. It just makes those health checks a bit more palatable - it's a nice environment, and then you can feel fully informed."

Want to try it for yourself?

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