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The power of the robe

Why we're talking about bathrobes on National Robe Day

There seems to be a day for just about everything, and in many ways one could be forgiven for thinking that 22nd April - otherwise known as National Robe Day - is not high on the list of priorities for many.

Much as we might enjoy snuggling up in our dressing gowns, few of us probably give much thought to them the rest of the time - unless you're a Spabreaker, in which case this humble clothing item carries a lot of symbolism and importance.

We can probably all agree that a dressing gown is associated with rest and relaxation, but what about comfort, safety and being cared for?

The philosophy

At the core of the philosophy, we believe that spa experiences are all about making sure everyone can experience the benefits and joys of a spa break – supporting body confidence and mental wellbeing as much as physical wellbeing.

With that in mind, we see the bathrobe as much more than an accessory. We have always talked about the fluffy robe of a spa being a metaphor for being wrapped up safely, taking your proverbial armour off and knowing that this is a place where you are safe, supported and cared for.

To us, spas are places where judgement (self and otherwise) is left at the front door, and we enter a safe space where we should feel supported.

A spa break for everybody

There has been a historic belief that spas are places for a particular demographic. They are for everybody and everybody - every age, race, size, demographic and state of wellbeing.

In our 15+ years in the industry we have worked to make sure that message is clear in action as well as words, working to improve information and accessibility whether it's supporting spa goers with cancer, making men feel more welcome or making information on accessible facilities clearer and more.

As with all sectors, we know there is always more to be done to make sure everyone feels as happy and welcome as humanly possible when they go to a spa, and we're dedicated to making that happen.

However, next time you wrap yourself up in that robe - at a spa or at home, remember that it's not just a robe, it's a symbol of self care.

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