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20 minutes of bliss: the muddy side of wellbeing

Rasul experiences at Macdonald Hotels spas

Macdonald Hotels have a reputation for making beautiful spa experiences easy to enjoy. They are known for their accessible prices, gorgeous treatments and welcoming environments, and three of them have added a rasul mud treatment for that extra touch of spa magic.

Macdonald Craxton Wood Hotel, Macdonald Hill Valley Hotel, Golf and Spa and Macdonald Inchyra Hotel and Spa are the three within the group that all have rasul mud chambers for a self-administered treatment that’s a real favourite, especially for groups of friends and couples (or feel free to get some quality time to yourself if you fancy it).

A cleansing ritual that’s perfect pre-holiday to prep skin for a lasting tan, or in the middle of winter when the heat is perfect for relaxing, it’s got a myriad of general health benefits as well. It’s great for the respiratory system because of the steam room component, good for relaxation, detox and also for rejuvenating the skin.

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What do you do in a mud rasul?

A therapist will show you through to the mud rasul and explain how to use it. Then you get the room to yourselves for an hour.

  • You start with a preparation shower, then you apply a full body exfoliation to prepare the skin.
  • Once that’s washed off, you apply mud all over (including the face and hair if you want to).
  • You can even help one another to cover those harder to reach places.
  • There’s seating in the rasul chamber, so once you’re covered, it’s time to sit and relax while the steam disperses on a 20 minute cycle.
  • Once the steam clears you can shower the mud off and finish by applying a moisturiser at the end.
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Mud treatments unique to Macdonald Hotels

One of the really unique touches at Macdonald hotels are the seasonal scents they add to the mud and exfoliator. For example, in summer they have had a strawberries and cream scented mud, coupled with a post-treatment snack of fresh strawberries. In the spring, they have used gin and tonic muds and the treatment was followed by a gin cocktail. In the winter there have previously been options such as chocolate rasul mud treatments or winter berry infusions. We look forward to what comes next!

Take the spa experience a step further

The rasul is a treatment in its own right, but it also sets up the body perfectly for a massage or a facial if you want to extend the experience. Having relaxed the muscles and opened up the pores, it also leaves you primed and prepped to get the most out of a therapist-administered experience.

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