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I would rather be… at Epic SANA Algarve

Pleasantly warm weather, a break from the grey drizzle, I can’t think of any reasons you would rather be in Portugal at this time of the year, can you? Especially with somewhere as beautiful as Epic SANA Algarve ready and waiting at your fingertips.

Just in case you fancy a bit of a look around though, here are five things that might convince you to jump on a plane and head off to Portugal for a bit this weekend…

1.Around 35 minutes from Faro Airport, THIS is the view that greets you in the morning… I think that’s enough on that point.

epic sana a
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2.As the view would suggest, the hotel is close to the beach which means romantic strolls, the sound of lapping waves, and an excuse to get out the bucket and spade in January should the mood arise.

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3.The Sayanna Wellness Centre offers all the natural scenery with the luxury of a state of the art spa and health retreat. From yoga to Vichy showers, it’s an integrated experience that’s got it all going on - perfect for a health boost just as your immune system needs it.

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4.There are three restaurants, which is a good enough start in itself, but the quality is extremely high in all three, so cue some serious (healthy) eating. The main restaurant, Abyad serves international cuisine with an outdoor terrace for sunny days. Al Quimia is a gourmet Portuguese restaurant and Open Deck sits by the pool with the beach on one side and a pine forest on the other - picture perfect!

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5.There are 160 rooms, but there are also 43 apartments which are well worth considering if you are staying for any length of time - think hotel experience with lots of your own space. The design is contemporary and filled with natural light, all meaning that this isn’t just about health in terms of food and facials, it’s about mind, body and soul wellbeing…

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