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Recipe: Miso Gazpacho

Giving a bit of a twist to a Spanish favourite, SHA Wellness Clinic‘s Miso Gazpacho uses the fermented condiment that is miso (madefrom soybeans and unrefined sea salt) because of its surprising range of health benefits.  Turns out, that lunchtime alternative is a probiotic (good for the gut), boosts energy, helps to maintain body temperature (it’s February after all), can help to prevent hair loss and keeps skin soft and can dissolve cholesterol … mostly though, it’s just really, really nice, especially if you do it the SHA way!


Gazpacho Red Pepper 20g Green Pepper 20g Cucumber 40g Garlic 5g Miso 30g Buckwheat bread 50g Water 20ml Extra Virgin Olive Oil 10ml Sherry Vinegar 5ml Salt 2g

Mint Oil

Mint Leaves 10g Extra Virgin Olive Oil 20ml Buckwheat bread 50g Scallop 25g


Arrurruz 40g Nori seaweed 10g Hijiki 10g Kombu 10g Arame 10g Wakame 10g

Mint Mayonnaise

Soy Milk 10ml Mint Leaves 4g Sunflower Oil 20ml Extra Virgin Olive Oil 20ml

Baby Squid Air

Carrot 25g Dried Onion 25g Leek 25g Baby Squid 40g Squid Ink 8g


‐ FOR GAZPACHO: Peel and cut all vegetables. Add the vinegar, blend and let it settle in the fridge for 24 horas. Blend again with the thermomix and emulsify with the oil to obtain a more vivid colour and we put the salt.

‐ MINT OIL: Whiten mint leaves and blend with the oil.

‐ SEAWEED LATTICE: Boil all seaweed together with water. After the boiling, blend it all and strain. To the product obtained, add the arrurruz and place it in a pastry bag. In a very hot oil, we place a form of a thin thread making the shape of the Lattice we want.

‐ MINT MAYONNAISE: Blend the soy milk with the mint and we start adding oil until obtaining the adequate texture.

‐ BABY SQUID AIR: Cut all vegetables and fry with a bit of oil, we add the baby squid and the ink, we carry on frying and then we add water, boil for a few minutes, blend and strain. Add soy lecitine and blend until air gets formed.

‐ FINISHING: Present the gazpacho in a bowl, add the Buckwheat bread toasted in the middle. Cook the scallop on the griddle, Add the mayonnaise and grill, place everything on top of the bread, place the seaweed lattice on the side and the mint oil around it. Place two points of baby squid air next to the scallop.

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