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Set your spa intentions for 2024

January is associated with health kicks and New Year's resolutions, but what if this year we all made plans for wellness that lasts?

New Year is a wonderful time to start afresh - if there's a habit we want to make or break, the dawn of a new year somehow seems to galvanise the mind and give us renewed energy for positive intentions.

However, often New Year's resolutions, for whatever reason, seem to run out of steam before too long. In face, YouGov data in 2022 said: "of those who made resolutions at the end of 2021, only 28% of them say they kept all of them. Just over half (53%) say they managed to keep some but one in six (17%) admit they didn't keep any of their resolutions."

Perhaps it's because life takes over? Perhaps the plans were too big a step all in one go? Or perhaps it's because the resolution we thought we needed to make felt more like a chore than something that was bringing great benefit to our lives?

So, how can you set positive intentions so you both enjoy and stick to the journey?

The secret to making and breaking habits

When we want to make or break new habits, we often need a little help to keep our heads on track. Planning, accountability and creating things to look forward to are all helpful ways to keep us motivated. Forbes writes that the four ways to make sure you keep your resolutions are:

Dream big but plan the details

"Define a concrete, quantifiable goal that you know is possible to achieve, so that you can measure progress more frequently."

Have external accountability

"You only need to find one person whose opinion you respect, that you can check in with once a month on your progress, and that can be enough to keep you motivated to have results consistently."

Don’t do things that are easy to quit

"Starting with steps that are the easiest to take can help you reach momentum quickly, and give you the early validation you need to keep going."

Find wins and create rewards

"One way to create wins is by rewarding yourself for certain accomplishments. You’ll be surprised at how easy it is to trick your brain into playing along when you make work more of a game for yourself."

Setting spa intentions

For our own part, we firmly believe in the holistic wellness benefits of spas - naturally. When we say holistic, we don't just mean in terms of the many and varied therapies and experiences you can enjoy, but the myriad ways that spas support the whole person as well.

Discover why the power of touch is important for wellbeing

Yes, a spa day or break is about skincare, rest and relaxation - you might detox, and soothe aching muscles in a thermal suite, take time to enjoy a nutritious meal without the interruptions of work or mobile phones to upset your digestion. However, it's also about taking time away from the stresses and strains of each day, giving you a moment to reconnect with your body, spend time with friends, on your own, or with your partner. A spa day is a time to laugh, think, take your proverbial armour off and be safely cocooned in your fluffy robe for a while.

All those are positive things for all aspects of health and wellbeing, but it's so easy to let time run away. The secret is in the planning, so why not use January to set your spa intentions for the year?

How the right spa treatments can help support mental health

Plan that spa day for yourself and get a date in the diary for a getaway with friends. Whether it's one trip a quarter or one every month, by making plans now you set yourself up for success - you already have things to look forward to that are simultaneously rewarding and contribute to your healthy habits throughout the year.

Reframe the thinking about resolutions, and set a few intentions for a spa filled 2024 - you deserve it.

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