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Seven tips for focusing on your wellbeing over the Christmas holidays

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The holiday period is just around the corner - lights will be twinkling, bells will be ringing and joy will be spreading. It can be a happy time with lots of good food, parties and time with loved ones, but for many it can also be one of the most stressful times of year. There can sometimes be a lot of expectation to make this time of year perfect. Whether it is external or internal pressure, the stresses of budget, gifting, throwing the perfect party, cooking the best food and so on can be overwhelming. Here are seven wonderful ways to enjoy the holiday season and focus on your wellbeing from our team at the House of Kalmar.

Set your intention for the day

Ask yourself when you wake up in the morning (or before you go to bed the night before) – ‘what am I most in need of today? How do I want to feel today? What intention do I want to set for the day?’ You can use Kalmar’s ‘soulstates' of Joy, Calm, Peace and Love to help guide you in setting your intention. Ask yourself; ‘What do I need more of - joy, calm, peace or love? How can I create more joy in my day today? What one small thing can I do today to find a moment of calm? What step can I take today to bring me closer to a sense of deep inner peace in my life? How can I spend time today cultivating a sense of love or self-love in my day? When we set intentions for the day we start to build the life that we want rather than reacting to the life that is thrown at us.

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Make time for yourself

Taking time out of your day to focus on yourself, not think about anyone else and just do something that makes you happy will help you recharge. It’s okay and absolutely normal to need to take a step back sometimes; we are all human! Self-care is a wonderful way to truly focus on yourself.

We may sometimes feel like we are far too busy for self-care; it isn’t always on our priority list; but it absolutely should be! When we have a million things going on in life - that’s when we need self-care the most, your wellbeing should always be a top priority. Take a long warm bath with a luxurious bath oil (try the Kalmar Love Sensual Senses Bath Oil to reset your divine energy), light a candle and relax. Or book a spa treatment. Self-care will nourish your mind, body and soul. Self-care is anything that makes your soul dance.

Let go of expectations

Remind yourself that you are most likely the one putting yourself through most of the pressure and stresses of the ‘perfect’ holiday. Be realistic on what you can do, what is possible for your budget, for your time and ultimately for you. You don’t have to attend every holiday dinner party if you don’t want to! Don’t be afraid to say no, be true to yourself and you will be so happy you did.

Don’t forget to stick to your routine

If you go to the gym, do home workouts, do yoga, dance whatever it is stick to it! You might not have the same amount of time but try to move your body whenever you can. Staying active will help you relieve stress, boost your energy and make you feel better overall. Studies show that dancing for 7 minutes in the morning uplifts your energy and mood while also having long-term health benefits. Put on some holiday music, light up a Kalmar Joy Candle, and raise the roof at the beginning of your day. Start the day off right with Joy.

Stay mindful

At any time of the year, meditation is always a great tool to take a moment to yourself and calm your mind. The Kalmar Peace Balm of Serenity will make you instantly feel grounded thanks to the aromas of Vetiver, Frankincense, and Moss and the healing properties of Amethyst. Apply on your pressure points and inhale the earthy aromas. Focus on your breathing and you will feel yourself becoming more connected to your body. This will help clear your mind, have more clarity for the day. If meditation is not exactly your cup of tea, then yoga is also a great tool to reconnect to your body.

Health is wealth

Take your vitamins and eat your greens! Fat and sugar can have a big impact on our mood, energy and motivation so by all means allow yourself to enjoy some of the delicious treats but ensure you keep a good balance with plenty of fruit and veggies. What you put in your body is as important as what you put on your skin. Take care of your skin with high-quality ingredients, our Calm Soothing Body Cream is made with plant stem-cells which help with the production of collagen while also allowing your mind to be comforted with the floral aromas of Iris, Violet and Lavender.

Practice gratitude

Remind yourself to be grateful for the small things in life, write down one thing you are thankful for everyday and when you feel overwhelmed remind yourself of what you have. Find moments of Joy, Calm, Peace, and Love with Kalmar’s daily self-care rituals, products, and treatments.

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