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Solo spa breaks and championing the individual

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Even though going on a spa break is very much about self care, many of us still feel great discomfort about going on a solo spa break.

It’s little wonder really, there are a number of obstacles in the way of making it an easy process. However, it’s something we have always felt passionate about changing, because that juxtaposition seems jarring.

Barriers to solo spa experiences

Naturally, some of us are happier about going on spa days and breaks alone than others. Some of us relish nothing more than time to ourselves, while others are less keen. That’s ok - personal choice and individual preferences are exactly what the spa world should be about. Although, if a spa break is not something you have ever been on alone, might we recommend you try it some time. Even if it’s just for a couple of hours one afternoon.

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However, where there has been a real problem when it comes to solo spa goers in the past, are the barriers, either passive or active, that hotels and spas have (often inadvertently) put in the way of those who either wish to travel alone, or maybe don’t have much choice. They don’t necessarily stop you from travelling, but they can make it less inviting and often more expensive than travelling with a friend or partner. For example, single supplements on overnight breaks.

Supporting solo travellers

One of the problems for hotels has been is the proportionate cost of the solo traveller compared to two sharing a room on an overnight break. For example, the cost of operating a hotel room is the same whether one or two people stay in it. So it stands to reason that two fees, two dinners, two people ordering drinks, works out better cost wise for everyone. The problem is that this mode of thinking means essentially discouraging or discounting a rather large market - which doesn’t seem fair on anyone.

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In the last six months alone, more than 3,000 single travellers have booked overnight spa breaks with us. A further 1,500 enquiries in that timeframe have said that they would have booked if they had been able to avoid single supplements. Solo travellers are one of the largest consumer groups in the UK, and it’s only set to increase.

Being human

In addition to that, making it hard for people to travel alone doesn’t seem very fair. None of us want customers to feel penalised for either choosing to travel alone or doing so because of personal circumstances.

For that reason, has been working closely with spa destinations over the last couple of years to create dedicated solo spa experiences, offering spa days and breaks with benefits specifically designed to enhance the solo spa experience. For example, that might mean no single supplements, ‘friendship’ tables so you can have lunch with other solo travellers if you choose, and dispensing with extra charges on room service if you prefer to have dinner without going to the restaurant. The emphasis is also on beautiful treatments that allow you to make the most of time to yourself.

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Catering to the needs and wants of the individual has always been at the heart of what represents, offering a personalised approach to wellbeing in all ways. As with all things, there continues to be work to be done, but ultimately for us it’s about thinking about the individual when we design and create spa experiences with spas, and looking at ways we can improve the customer journey.


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