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Spa and wellness trends looking forward in 2020

We’re now officially in the second half of what may well be one of the strangest years in our collective consciousness, so while it seems strange to talk about spa trends mid way through the year, in lots of ways it feels like things are only just beginning. If we didn’t appreciate our health before, we’ve had a staunch reminder of its value over the last few months, and many of us are showing a renewed commitment to taking care of it. Here are some of the spa trends on the rise this year…

Sustainable Spa - South Lodge

Wellness architecture

We’re all a little more aware of our environments now that we’ve been locked down for months, and spas are no exception. The spaces that we spend our time in have a profound impact on how we feel - the amount of natural light, the fresh air, the use of space, the hygiene. Spas have been paying attention to this increasingly over the last few years, with some exceptional spaces emerging at the likes of Rudding Park and The Spa at Carden for example. It’s not just in our spas however, architects are proactively incorporating our wellness needs into our work and public spaces as well. In April, global cowering giant WeWork announced the introduction of single-occupancy nooks and dedensified lounges to support social distancing. Wellness may have taken on new meaning in the last few months, but the importance of the environment we’re in for wellbeing is only growing.

Spa at home

Whether it’s adapting the space we live in to take on more of the qualities we value in spas, or incorporating at home therapies into our week to give ourselves some much needed time out, spa at home has definitely been given its air time throughout the pandemic. From spas recommending recipes and DIY treatments, to investing a little more in skincare lines or incorporating aromatherapy into your home environment with electronic diffusers and essential oils. The time we have had on our hands has enabled us to really think about the things we value, and it turns out much of what we need to know, comes from the spa world.

Sustainability and wellness

While we’re all thinking about our own wellbeing, it’s impossible to forget that it’s inextricably linked with the natural world around us. Pre-Covid, spas were already making enormous changes to embrace sustainability and incorporate it into the wellness experience. The likes of South Lodge has its grass and sedum roof, The Salthouse Hotel actually has a negative carbon footprint, meaning they produce more energy than they use, and the Sustainable Spa Association is working hard to help spas find solutions to improve their sustainability. Crucially, we as individuals are also driving the change proactively.

Spa staycations

With fewer of us choosing to travel overseas this year, and as we all look to support UK businesses post lockdown, spa staycations are also on the rise. From those choosing a short break close to home and celebrating local spas, to those travelling to coast and country to see the most beautiful parts of the country and enjoy the British summer time, it’s proving a wonderful year to discover the beauty and wellness experiences that we have right on our doorstep.


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