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Spa glossary: K


Everything you need to know for your spa day or break beginning with K…

Kerstin Florian

A pioneering American skincare brand with Swiss influences and named after the company’s founder.  It is still family run and prioritises outer beauty through inner health, using effective natural and botanical ingredients rich in algae, herbal extracts and essential oils.  Sadly Kerstin’s successor Charlene Florian who had been at the helm of the business of late made headlines recently when she passed away in early 2016 after a battle with cancer.


This is the study of human movement and how it impacts on health.  You might also have heard of applied kinesiology which is more to do with diagnosing disease in the body through testing and improving muscle strength.

Kinesis training

Leading on from the above, kinesis training is a programme focusing on balance, flexibility and strength.  You’ve probably mostly heard of it in the gym when people talk about a kinesis wall, which tends to be panels of cables, grips and weights designed for a complete and balanced workout.


Herbal and mineral baths using lots of different temperatures - it’s all part of a package deal associated with a pure diet, exercise and spirituality.

Ko bi do

A facial massage technique dating back donkey’s years in Japan.  It uses acupressure along the facial meridians and is incorporated into lots of facials by leading brands in the West now as well.

Krauter bath

A strong herbal bath based on a natural German healing technique.  Kerstin Florian actually does a variation on this with their Eucalyptus Bath treatment, using eucalyptus and pine to ease aching muscles and joints, help ease breathing and soothe the symptoms of congestion and colds.

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