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Abi Selby steps into top role supporting the spa industry in 2023

If you don't work in the spa industry then the UKSA (UK Spa Association) might not be a familiar name to you. However, this industry association is central to preserving the wellness industry across the country, focused on improving the quality, training, standards, inclusiveness, and professionalism at all levels.

The importance of the UKSA

In short, the UKSA is essential for supporting the wellbeing of the wellbeing industry, and that's something we're passionate about because it not only affects people we love to work with, but also people we love to introduce to the beauty of the spa world - our customers, friends and colleagues.

For that reason, it's a great joy that our very own Founder, Abi Selby, has been appointed Chair of the UKSA this year, following four years on the Board. As an ardent advocate for the importance of the spa industry for the nation's health, and having campaigned strongly to see it supported during and after the pandemic, Abi continues to work for the good of all involved.

Our founder's contribution to the spa industry

In addition to the running of and the work we do as a company both commercially and in terms of how we seek to support our staff, our partners and our customers, she always strives to make a difference to the wellbeing community as a whole.

For example, she has also been part of the All Party Parliamentary Group on Beauty and Wellbeing, that worked on behalf of the spa industry throughout the pandemic to have its challenges recognised and supported by the government. While post-pandemic recovery has been strong, its impact has continued in many spas, often going unrecognised by the powers that be. Abi helps to redress that in all her actions.

Crucially however, her focus is on the positive. Abi founded because of her firm belief that the variety of spa experiences can have a profound impact on individual and collective wellbeing. She now seeks to formalise that belief on a national scale, earning the spa world the credibility that it deserves.

On her new role at the UKSA, she says:

"I have been privileged to be involved in the work of the UKSA for four years now, and I very much admire the good work done by former Chair, Adam Chatterley. It's a wonderful privilege to be taking the next step in my personal involvement with the group, and to be assuming a key role in the next phase of the UKSA's journey as well. The spa industry has been through a tough time since Covid, but it has also shown its metal both for thriving commercially and as an integral support for the nation's wellbeing. I am delighted to be part of continuing to share, drive and promote that message to the benefit of all within and beyond the spa community."

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