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Unique wellbeing gift sets

For a number of years, we have worked with the beautiful Temple Spa brand to offer gift vouchers with a difference. For those wishing to give presents that provide a little self-care straight away before you head off on your spa break, our spa gift sets include a choice of spa products alongside your voucher.

To celebrate our partnership and take it a step further, we have now designed three unique gift boxes, only available through Their fresh design and key product selection are the essence of spa - perfect for making your loved one feel totally spoiled and in the perfect headspace for a spa break.

Temple spa skincare founder Liz Warom
TEMPLESPA was co-founded by spa expert Liz Warom - read about her wellness routine.|Find out more

Here are the options:

Gift box

For a little taste of what's to come, this pretty gift box features a mini PURIFICATION face mask from TEMPLESPA. The clarifying clay-based mud mask provides a professional standard deep cleanse.


A rich marine formula clears blocked pores, banishes breakouts and blemishes and decongests. Its texture is a fabulously dense mousse and it smoothes on leaving skin feeling cool and refreshed. It's full of Mediterranean ingredients including tea tree, algae, sage, rosemary, lemongrass, pomegranate, myrtle and anise to leave skin feeling squeaky clean and healthy.

Spa Wherever You Are

Containing some of TEMPLESPA's best-selling skincare products, the Spa Wherever You Are gift set comes in a convenient travel bag - so you can take it with you on that spa break for the full experience. It contains seven products and an IN THE STILLNESS luxury eye duvet, including:

TONING ESSENCE essential mist tonic

This alcohol-free facial cleansing toner cools and refreshes your skin with a calming, soothing blend of ingredients straight from the Mediterranean markets - tomato, lemon, orange, melon, rosemary, basil, mandarin, lime and ginger.

QUIETUDE calming mist

This calming and relaxing aromatherapy spritz is a body and room fragrance, crafted from a blend of the most cocooning Mediterranean essential oils of cedarwood, cypress, lavender, clove, vetiver, orange, patchouli, frankincense and chamomile.

AAAHHH! soothing balm for aching feet

We love this cooling gel. Packed with fermented minerals for tired feet, legs and tensed shoulders, it helps to reduce puffiness, refresh and revive thanks to a combination of magnesium, iron and zinc.

ALL TALK moisturising lip balm

A hydrating lip balm, ALL TALK is packed full of natural plant extracts, vitamins and botanicals for kissably soft lips.

BECALM soothing face mask

A prebiotic skin rescue mask that’s like a comfort blanket for sensitive, stressed and delicate skin, BECALM is nourishing, hydrating and restoring.

PALM BALM luxurious skincare for the hands

An award-winning intensive hand cream, BECALM will smooth and even skin tone, restoring your youthful hands. It helps reduce the appearance of age spots and creates a protective barrier against free radicals.

REPOSE aromatherapy resting cream

This vitamin-rich night time moisturiser calms, relaxes, soothes and settles the skin before you go to bed. Rich in natural plant extracts, anti-oxidants and a fusion of relaxing essential oils, it will leave your complexion ultra-smooth, moisturised and settled, whilst working to calm and aid relaxation.

Do Not Disturb Gift Set

The ‘Do Not Disturb’ set is all about giving someone a little me-time with each product containing a unique blend of calming aromas. In addition to a DO NOT DISTURB pillow, there are five of our favourite products included. The QUIETUDE calming mist, BECALM soothing face mask, REPOSE aromatherapy resting cream (as above) as well as the following:

DRIFT AWAY relaxing bath and massage oil

This relaxing aromatherapy bath and massage oil is a dreamy way to wind down at the end of the day, DRIFT AWAY is a soothing blend of Mediterranean essential oils. It contains patchouli, lavender, geranium, frankincense, chamomile, myrrh, dill seed and orange, suspended in a lush base of sesame, jojoba and avocado oils, plus replenishing vitamin E.

DUVET comforting body cream

This moisturising aromatherapy body cream calms, soothes and hydrates your skin. Complete with firming ingredients, it leaves your skin smooth, toned and deliciously fragranced. With duvet-like qualities, it's rich in omega oils, olive, guarana, fig, pomegranate, liquorice, vitamin E and relaxing Mediterranean essential oils of lavender, frankincense, myrrh, chamomile and patchouli.

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