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Wellness expert wellness routine: Liz Warom, Co-Founder of TEMPLESPA

How do wellness experts stay well? We asked Liz Warom, Co-Founder of TEMPLESPA spa and skincare products.

Temple spa skincare founder Liz Warom

What’s your overall goal when it comes to wellness?

I’m very much a mind, body and spirit person and so I seek balance and a holistic approach. I know that if, for example, I’m super stressed and not able to manage it, my whole life gets out of kilter, so my goal is to have a sound mind, a strong spirit and a healthy body.

What do you do to stay fit and healthy?

I’m an avid walker so at least three times a week we will have an hour power walk. I’m fortunate to live by the sea and with hills around me, so that generally is my goal. I have a personal trainer who comes to me three times a week and we do an hour of HIIT, weights and Pilates, I love it.

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Do you have an actual wellbeing routine?

Mark (my husband) and I start our day with prayer and meditation; this centres us. We walk together and because we work together, we enjoy unwrapping some of the more complex issues while we’re outside. The nature around us seems so much bigger, that it puts things into perspective. In the summer I swim most days, and I like to prepare for bed at least half an hour before I retire as my sleep is better when I’m relaxed, this usually involves a DRIFT AWAY bath, some deep breathing, stretching and my REPOSE ritual.

What do you do for skincare?

Well, obviously as the head of a skincare brand, I am committed to a religious morning and evening regime. Evening is the best ever deep cleanse with IN THE BEGINNING - our award-winning cleansing melt. I follow this with TONING ESSENCE, TRUFFLEIXIR my evening serum and finally our divine REPOSE night cream. In the morning, I use GOOD TO GO, our mousse cleanser to freshen up, follow with GLOWCOLIC toner, WINDOWS OF THE SOUL eye treatment, LET’S CONCENTRATE - the most incredible Vitamin C serum, EXALT on my neck, and I have to say I’ve been using it for over 20 years and I can honestly say my neck and finally our legendary SKIN TRUFFLE moisturiser for that all day radiance. Once a week I have a Sunday Spa ritual, which is the full works including exfoliator and several masks targeted to how my skin feels and what it needs. Often I’m having to try lab samples of products we are developing, which is always fun.

Do you have particular habits when it comes to diet?

I eat most things in moderation and aim for a rainbow of ingredients, but I’m passionate about cooking from scratch - I detest processed food and I love to grow my own produce and use it fresh every day. I drink a lot of water and enjoy wine but try to not indulge during the week - not always easy as I’m a very sociable person! I make healthy snacks for when I’m feeling a sugar dip.

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How do you balance work/life and what does that mean to you?

I am an avid list writer and this helps me keep on top of my workload, plan strategically as well as set weekly priorities. When we started TEMPLESPA we worked 12 hours a day, sometimes seven days a week - it’s what you do when you're establishing a business. These days we try to have our evenings and weekends off, although inevitably we may have dinner meetings at some point, but we’re relaxed about it and if there’s one thing lockdown taught us, it’s that life doesn’t have to be done in the fast lane all of the time, so I avoid over-cramming my diary and we make seeing family and friends a priority.

What’s your main piece of wellbeing advice?

Every month, take the time to stand back and take a careful look at how you’re doing in all areas of your life and be prepared to make adjustments so things have flow. You know where the blockages are and whilst being kind to others is important, being kind to yourself is vital to stay in harmony and peace. Have a heart of gratitude and smile more. Not only does it take years off your face, it’s very hard to purposely smile and be grumpy at the same time.

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