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TEMPLESPA partners with the Amethyst Trust to provide additional therapist training

The team at TEMPLESPA has been putting the months of lockdown to excellent use. A product line that prides itself on using natural ingredients as well as leading the way in holistic spa treatments, the past year has seen them bring to fruition a project that’s long been in the pipeline - therapist training and products that are tailored to the needs of anyone who has been diagnosed with or treated for cancer.


The perfect partnership

Having searched for the perfect partner to deliver an empathetic experience, they were introduced to The Amethyst Trust. It is a charity that was established in 2010 to meet the needs of people who have experienced cancer and who are seeking massage, relaxation and pampering therapies in spas and salons throughout the UK.

Given the gentle nature of many of their products, TEMPLESPA found that their existing sensitive range already met the criteria for use. The brand saw this as an important part of the new offering; they don’t want guests to come to them for specific cancer treatments or products, just to know that what they are having is appropriate for them at this time in their lives. The focus shouldn’t be on cancer, but rather, having a wonderful experience.

Developing empathetic experiences

The team worked closely with Debbie Moore, who was fundamental in setting up the Amethyst Trust, and who has an illustrious CV in the spa industry. Her roles include Director of the International & Holistic Academy and Managing Director of the award-winning Cedars Health & Beauty Centre.

What quickly became apparent, was that the process to making sure therapists were confident in the suitability of their treatments and how to adapt them, was simple. Existing treatments were delivered to the Amethyst Trust team, and together they worked on appropriate adaptations. Those changes were then developed as protocols, in which the TEMPLESPA therapist trainers were educated, so that they can provide training to therapists at spas that use TEMPLESPA products and treatments.

The treatments chosen for adaptation were:

  • My Kinda Skin facial
  • Power Breakfast facial
  • Drift Away body massage
  • Leg and Foot treatment

“This was something that we really wanted to do. While we know there are existing treatments and products made specially for anyone going through cancer, what we wanted to create were experiences that meant spas didn’t have to bring in whole new product lines, and that clients didn’t have to specifically ask for therapies that were for someone with cancer. It’s so important for spas to be able to offer this. One in two people are expected to get cancer at some point in their lifetime, and spas can’t simply turn people away because their afraid to treat them.”

– Sarah Ronchetti, Head of Spa at TEMPLESPA

“The reaction from spas is very much ‘when can we get the training?!’ It’s so important to be inclusive of every customer and every customer need; spas are desperate to be able to offer safe treatments and that’s what we’re here to facilitate. The beauty of what we’re doing with TEMPLESPA is the simplicity of it. It’s all about awareness and education.”

– Rebecca Oakley, TEMPLESPA

Nor is it just about protocols and ingredients. Much of the training is also about supporting therapists in creating an environment where they feel confident in what they’re saying and how they’re supporting their clients if they are experiencing cancer or another health issue. Training facilitates that conversation more openly and more comfortably.


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