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The couples’ spa treatment that’s written in the stars

What you need to know about the Love Constellations spa experience

In a sumptuous haven in the heart of London, AIRE Ancient Baths is a spa experience that's seductive, relaxing and always brimming with a little bit of magic. When it comes to their latest spa experience however, the sky's the limit.

Love Constellations was born on Valentine's Day, a romantic couples' treatment inspired by the astrological charts of 2023 in particular. A loving Venus found harmony with Mars, it heralded a uniquely dreamy romance that formed the basis for this deeply connecting experience.

The thermal experience

Beginning with a tour of the ancient baths, as so all the spa experiences at AIRE, you get the opportunity to prepare mind and body for rest and quality time together. There are no phones in the spa, so the white noise of daily life disappears and you have the time to come down off the buzz of the world outside and simply enjoy your wellbeing and one another's company.

Thermal experiences include:

  • The Caldarium (40ºC)
  • The Frigidarium (14ºC and 10ºC)
  • The Tepidarium (36ºC)
  • The Balneum (thousand jet bath)
  • The Vaporium (a steam room with aromatherapy)
  • The Flotarium (salt water bath)
  • The salt exfoliation area

Massage from Mars and Venus

The unique array of thermal experiences calms the muscles and opens the pores before you head to a dual treatment suite for a 60 minute relaxing massage for two.

This however, is no ordinary massage. Beginning with a scent test as you choose between their Venus oil with soothing properties of rosehip, or Mars oil with energising properties of rosemary. Simply go with whichever scent you're drawn to. You might choose the same oil or different ones, it's all about what resonates with you and will ultimately help bring you closer together.

Designed with rest in mind, this massage is defined by its fluid movements and soothing strokes. It's combined with hot basalt stones to relieve muscle tension. Basalt was chosen as it's a natural, volcanic rock that's found on both Mars and Venus. Stones are used across your back before being placed in each of your hands to aid rest and relaxation.

At the end of the treatment you're guided to the relaxation area to continue your time together, complete with a juice or Cava (honouring the brand's Spanish heritage) and chocolate truffles, for that extra touch of decadence.

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