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The most magical spa treatment: intuitive therapy

When Director Abi Wright visited therapist Sinéad de hÓra to get a taste for Intuitive Therapy, she was blown away by the experience, and this is why…

I am buzzing from the ‘treatment’ I have had this afternoon at the hands of the lovely Sinead. Having previously worked at Gazelli in Harrods Urban Spa, she did a lovely facial on me about two years ago, and now she has set up on her own with a whole new venture - Intuitive Therapy.

The power of touch

Wonderfully spiritual, she is very hands on when she meets you and very calm in her personna. She told me before the session that she has seen and communicated with spirits since she was four and that she can hear voices from angels who help her during all of her treatments. She said she never tires of doing the treatments because she almost feels like she is using other people’s energies and she is just the one delivering it (all very spiritual and at first a little bizarre, but stick with me).

She knew nothing of my health other than I had a baby 10 weeks beforehand so arguable she could guess from that that I was going to be tired. She took me into a dimly lit treatment room at the Akasha Spa at the Hotel Cafe Royal (one of the few places she is operating out of at the moment), and she told me to strip to just my underwear and to remove my bra and all jewellery ‘as we aren’t sure where the treatment will lead’. She left the room and asked me to lie face up on the bed. The bed wasn’t lit as she needed to feel the natural heat from my body.

A personal approach

She then came back in and told me she was going to spend a few minutes learning about my body and what it was telling her. She then spent 10 minutes hovering her hands over various parts of my body and occasionally touching me on my feet, legs and arms. During this time I could feel the heat coming from her hands and even with my eyes closed I could tell where her hands were when she wasn’t touching me.

From this she told me that my chakras weren’t aligned properly and she asked if I had been feeling light headed? Walking to the appointment I had been feeling really light headed and blamed it on the fact I hadn’t eaten anything all day. I have also been wearing my glasses as have had a headache for a little while but put that down to being tired and working until late. She told me my feet weren’t aligned with my head and that the energy needed drawing back down to my feet to try and realign me and get me feeling sturdy and balanced again. She also asked me if I had been having headaches as there was a build-up of pressure behind my left eye.

Addressing the issues

She went on to ask if I had been having issues with my left shoulder. Little did she know that two weeks after Oscar was born I had fallen asleep sitting up feeding him, jolted my shoulder and had been in great discomfort ever since.

She then told me through a mixture of acupressure, massage and reflexology she would spend time trying to address these issues, which she did for the next hour. Throughout the treatment I felt the most incredible sense of inner calm and although at times it was painful, the various elements to the treatment left me totally relaxed, if not a little dazed.

Beyond the treatment

At the end of the treatment she told me that three angels had helped her with the treatment and that throughout it there were two very strong visions that she kept seeing. The first was me walking barefoot through the grass (I am known for walking everywhere with no shoes on at home). I also spoke to my partner a few minutes before the treatment and told him I had a real wish to go to the park with the children when I got home and play in the grass barefoot!

The second vision told her that the only one place where I was truly at peace and that my two personalities were at peace with each other was by the sea. She said she saw me by the sea in the UK and asked where I grew up… I grew up in Devon and crave the sea on a daily basis.

So… you could say that there’s a lot of coincidences going on there, but ultimately I came away feeling touched by everything she did to me. It proved that the power of the human touch is beyond explainable, and after a tough 10 weeks, my body felt at peace again and for 90 sweet minutes Sinead transported me to a completely different world.

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