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The most popular aesthetics treatments in the last year

Aesthetics is a growing industry in beauty and wellbeing, and during the pandemic its growth continued to escalate. Put it down to too much time seeing the self-view on Zoom or perhaps it’s just that we had more time to think about how we feel in the last 18 months, but the 21st century version of ‘the lipstick effect’ is gravitating towards non-surgical aesthetic procedures or ‘tweakments’.


The rise in aesthetic treatments

Profhilo, Botox and dermal fillers are all front and centre of this growing industry, as our relationship with aesthetics continues to change. Meanwhile, mask wearing (which may well continue for many), has fuelled high demand for procedures around the eyes. Dr Anjali Mahto, Consultant Dermatologist was quoted in Glamour magazine, commenting on the rise in first timers exploring injectables:

“Many who have had the treatment for the first time are likely to continue into next year as well as more “first-timers” to the injectables market. Whilst retinol may smooth out fine lines over long-term use, chances are that it is only injectable treatment, which will help deeper lines or descent of facial skin.”

In the USA, the aesthetics industry across the board (including surgical treatments), grew over the last year. The Aesthetic Guide reported:

“2020 patients spent more than $9.3 billion on aesthetic procedures, including more than $6 billion on surgical options and more than $3 billion on nonsurgical therapies, according to The Aesthetic Society statistics. This represents an increase from the $8.2 billion consumers spent on aesthetic procedures in 2019, nearly 80% of which was spent on surgery, according to The Aesthetic Society.”

Our changing views on cosmetic procedures

It doesn’t just seem to be the pandemic itself that’s sparked the growth in the industry, and the changing attitude towards aesthetic treatments. It’s also the growing breadth of less invasive or more temporary options that are available. Younger and younger people are opting for aesthetic treatments, so it’s no longer simply about ant-ageing. Neither is it always about making drastic changes.

Ron Myers, a business development consultant specialising in aesthetics, said in an interview with Jennifer Young Training:

“A lot of this industry, especially around injectables, used to be around ‘age management’ - where you’re trying to push time back a little bit. Now there’s a greater emphasis on beautification, which is a different thing entirely.”

What to think about before opting for aesthetics treatments

What’s interesting in the discussion around aesthetics is that it is opening up options for people to explore what makes them feel good in a more understanding environment. However, it does also open the door for more, less qualified practitioners to enter the market.

So if you want to gain information in aesthetic procedures and explore the area, what should you be mindful of?

  • Talk to practitioners about what can realistically be achieved and what would work for you?
  • Speak to three or four different practitioners before deciding who to go with.
  • Go with someone you feel comfortable with.
  • Remember you’re allowed to ask questions before committing to anything.
  • Think about it for a little while rather than opting for treatments on a whim.
  • Do your research and try to learn about different practitioner reviews and the different profiles of the variety of injectables on the market.
  • Go to established cosmetic or medical clinics.
  • More reliable clinics usually offer consultations before your treatment.
  • Check that they have a follow up service.

Spas that offer some aesthetics services

The Grove

This luxurious hotel in Hertfordshire is home to The Sequoia Spa, which is all about really beautiful experiences. They use the Natura Bissé product line, which, for example includes the High Definition Face Lift, which uses micro injections to plump up the skin and treat lines and wrinkles.

Find out more about The Grove

South Lodge

Sister spa to The Grove and Pennyhill Park, South Lodge in Sussex has a clinic that offers anti-wrinkle injections (Botox), Dermal Fillers and Profhilo, which is another injectable anti-ageing treatment, administered by a doctor. They also have a highly trained therapy team who deliver HydraFacials (which use peptides and hyaluronic acid to feed the skin), AlumierMD peels and Byonik treatments (a pulse triggered laser, which has only been available in the UK for 12 months and is great for encouraging stronger, healthier skin and can reduce pigmentation, rosacea and fine lines).


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