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Three men and a baby: aromatherapy for men

Esteemed aromatherapist, Beverley Higham, recommended aromatherapy oils to support men’s mental and physical wellbeing at different stages of life.

Aromatherapy can have a profound impact on how we feel at different times of the day, but different essential oils can also suit us at different ages and needs. While there’s no gender requirement for using aromatherapy or essential oils, we can be drawn to different oils for different reasons. Helping us to bring wellbeing into our daily lives through the power of aromatherapy, esteemed aromatherapist, Beverley Higham, recommended essential oils to support men’s mental and physical wellbeing at different stages of life, just in time for Father's Day.

Aromatherapy really is for everyone. Men benefit greatly on so many levels and, just like women, they need pampering every now and then.  There are many essential oils as we live in a highly aromatic world. I believe that the best way is to follow your nose as it really is like an inner compass, but do always consult a professional first.

Woody essential oils

Woody aromas like cedarwood and sandalwood are highly appealing for men and are often used in male fragrances. They ease emotional stress and have a grounding effect.

Fruity essential oils

Fruity fragrances like lemon and grapefruit are uplifting and energising. These oils help to restore motivation.

Herb essential oils

Herbaceous aromas like basil and rosemary are stress relieving and ease muscle tension.

Exotic essential oils

Exotic heavy aromas aid sleep, and jasmine is the king of these oils and is deeply relaxing. Other exotics have aphrodisiac properties.

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Aromatherapy and children

Tommy is one year old. He came into this world in a burst of aromatic fragrance yelling his little head off and sniffing the aroma of lavender and rose. His mother was massaged during her labour with these two oils. His life so far has been filled with aromatherapy. He has been visiting spas with mum since he was six weeks old. The smell, the sound, and the tranquility are so calming.

Aromatherapy plays a very large part of his daily healthcare and wellbeing. When he has the sniffles his mum uses a couple of drops of lavender in warm water in his room. When he is teething and his cheeks are red and painful, his grandma uses a trace of Roman Chamomile in organic cream and gently applies it to his face and neck. When he picks up a viral rash or a bug from his visits to the crèche where he mixes with other toddlers and babies, he comes home to a welcome massage with mandarin, chamomile and lavender, highly diluted in calendula and sunflower oil.

Aromatherapy bath
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Aromatherapy for dads

Tommy’s dad is 24, he works hard and enjoys a game of football at the weekend. Occasionally he suffers from minor sports injuries.

His knee can become painful but a blend of eucalyptus, lavender, and  juniper berry in coconut oil applied regularly keeps pain and swelling at bay. When he comes home from work he often has a bath with lavender and sweet marjoram to ease his aches and pains and sooth the stresses of the day.

Aromatherapy enhances wellbeing; it’s gentle and safe when used in a controlled way. When adding oils to a bath always disperse them in full fat milk first. This allows them to disperse better in the actual bath water. An average sized bath will need a maximum of 10 drops i.e., five lavender and five sweet marjoram.

Aromatherapy for grandad

Grandad is 50 this year. He has a very busy job that can become stressful. He has a regular professional aromatherapy massage to balance and harmonise his body and mind.

Aromatherapy eases the symptoms of stress. It helps release tension and improve the circulation.  Vetiver is said to reduce the signs of masculine ageing, so adding a couple of drops to a facial moisturiser is not only stress relieving but also incredibly rejuvenating . Black pepper, ylang-ylang, and ginger can re-light the inner fire and bring passion back to a fading sex life or where loss of libido adds pressure to a relationship.

Adding two drops of each oil to 20mls of sweet almond or sunflower oil and massaging the lower back and legs works like magic!

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Essential oils for great grandad

Great Grandad is 76 years old. He uses essential oils frequently. He recently recovered from bowel cancer. Along with the wonderful medical treatment he has received he also used the gentle power of aromatherapy.

With medical permission he used bergamot, geranium, and rose applied to his bladder area. He was not able to pass urine and did not want to be catheterised again. This blend reduced stress and restored his capacity to urinate.  

He suffers from rheumatoid arthritis and finds essential oils wonderful for pain relief. Eucalyptus, peppermint, and juniper berry in sunflower oil ease his pain and swelling. He would never go anywhere without tea tree oil. He preaches its value because he loves to go fishing when he feels well enough and if he gets bitten by flies then a dab of tea tree oil rectifies the itchy spot. He even puts a drop of black pepper oil in his bait box and always catches the biggest fish! Fish have a keen sense of smell and are attracted to the aroma.  

Sometimes Great Grandad gets blotchy skin and a shaving rash, but lavender and chamomile in a calendula base cream soothes and heals the problem very quickly.

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