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Tried and Tested: Baylis & Harding Perfect Pamper Kit

Baylis and Harding
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I am always a little dubious about product gift sets, something that is so full of promise tends to result in an overpriced bubble bath and a bar of soap in a smaller sized bottle than if you had bought the version that simply wasn’t gift wrapped.  The amount you pay for an extra piece of cardboard and some shredded tissue paper seems to be extortionate.

So when Baylis & Harding’s sugar cane, basil, and lime Skin Spa Perfect Pamper Kit arrived on my desk, I was lost for words, because here was a package so heavy I assumed it was a box full of brochures before further investigation proved otherwise.

The reason for the hefty weight of this parcel was because this is a gift set I would proudly present to friends and family on any given occasion, without feeling that it screamed out ‘it’s the thought that counts’ - which is true, but still not the sentiment one generally wishes to convey.  The Perfect Pamper Kit contains three products - a bath milk, steam shower body cleanser, and bath salts, in the generous proportions of 500 ml and 250g respectively - which, just in case you are trying to picture it, is an awful lot of product to be getting on with.

Baylis & Harding is one of those quiet and unobtrusive brands that if you think about it, you have probably been using for years.  They are classic, and pride themselves on adhering to their founding principles of affordability and quality.  It is the kindof product that you make sure is on display in your bathroom when you have guests over because it makes you look like the type of person who lives in a catalogue, never has dog hair in the car, has fresh flowers in the hallway all the time, and whose kitchen always smells like freshly baked bread.

The products themselves are gentle and the smells are understated, but unsurprisingly given the lime and basil components are pleasantly refreshing, just what you want as British summertime dawns and you will the weather to act accordingly.  You never know, a good Steam Shower Body Cleanser might just make the difference.

The perfect start to a Spring day!

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