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Tried and Tested: Dr Bronner Magic Soap

When it comes to soap, I’ll admit I have no brand loyalty. Give me Carex, give me Imperial Leather, give me the soap they made in Fight Club, I’ll use it. I am a soap slut, but I can put my freshly lathered hands up and admit that.

However, I felt like I was reaching an age where this foamy fickleness should stop. An adult that partakes in detergent duplicity is not an adult to be trusted, because if their soap brand is not constant, who knows what other parts of their life that stretches to? They’re the sort of animal that suggests playing a game of Monopoly and then wants to quit halfway through when they land on a hotel-laden Park Lane.

If you’re into organic soaps and products, then Dr Bronner will not be news to you - it’s the little fella in the shop that is covered in writing, which makes it look old fashioned but in a good way. The kind of old fashioned you’d see in an apothecary themed bar in East London.

The label, however, gives us some salient information, namely that the soap is both organic and fair trade, so you know what you’re using on your skin is legitimate (or around your house, as it doubles as a detergent or all-purpose cleaner) and not filled with chemicals and irritants. It also lists all 10 ingredients. That’s right, just TEN ingredients. I guess it turns out that less really is more.

The soap itself is great; it does the job and really goes a long way. It’s quite a thin consistency, but a few drops are all you really need. It makes your skin feel all tingly and refreshed, and it doesn’t leave an overpowering aroma lingering on your body - you just smell clean, something I’m sure your fellow commuters will thank you for.

There are a variety of scents to go with, but I go mental for menthol so settled on peppermint flavour. The smell in the bottle is pretty strong, and in taking a close whiff you’ll be transported back to sneaking Mentos and Polos in the back of the class at school.

So I am now officially a convert. I can be a real grown up and legitimately have a soap brand that I regularly buy! I foresee a long and successful relationship between the Doc and me. Move along Dr. Dre, there’s a new pseudo-qualified medical professional in town.

Plus, as it’s both organic and fair trade, I can feel responsible when I use it, which means double adult points!! I’ll be understanding mortgages and budgeting wisely in no time.

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