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Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to just be one weekend

Valentine’s Day is typically heralded by a raft of balloons, grand gestures and high expectations. All of which are beautiful, happy-making things that we all enjoy. However, if we look beyond all that, it’s also a wonderful opportunity to remind ourselves of the enjoyment and importance of time together, and to set intentions to do more of it moving forward.

Valentine’s Day gifts that give you something to look forward to

As it happens, this year Valentine’s Day falls on a Friday, which you might see as perfect because it takes you straight into a weekend of time together. Or you might see it as highly inconvenient because everywhere you want to go will get booked up in advance. However, Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be limited to one weekend.

Even if you’re going out for dinner, having a night in together or doing something special on 14th February itself, a Valentine’s gift that gives you something to look forward to as well carries all the more meaning. Naturally, we’ve got spa gift vouchers in mind. Especially if you have the gift box variety that gives you feel-good factor products to use now, as well as the chance to plan where to go and when for even more quality time together.


Avoiding the crowds

If the places you want to go are likely to be overcrowded on the actual Valentine’s weekend, why not make plans to stay in then, and organise something special for the weekend before, after, or even in the middle of the week. Maybe treat your other half to a surprise Twilight spa break after work in the middle of the week, to add extra feel-good factor to your time together in lieu of the traditional glass of wine over dinner.


Setting an intention for more quality time together

The reality is that time together isn’t just for Valentine’s Day. This day of cuddly hearts and Hallmark cards is a good reminder of how nice it feels to do something special with the person we love. So why not use it as a chance to set a new intention to spend more quality time together. 

Make plans, large and small, for things to look forward to in the coming weeks and months. Maybe it’s booking that spa break so you can relax and unwind together without interruption. Maybe it’s organising a babysitter and staying home to watch a movie in peace and quiet. Or perhaps it’s going for a walk, hand-in-hand, and simply having the chance to reconnect.  

However you spend Valentine’s Day this year, make sure to make the time together last.


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