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VOYA talks to about their menopause treatment journeys

Seaweed based skincare brand, VOYA, has launched a collection of menopause spa treatments, designed to help alleviate and soothe the body and mind as women go through the different stages of menopause.

They spoke to us about why they developed their menopause treatment journeys and how they hope to support women through holistic therapies.

VOYA Back MassageWhy do you feel it's important to support women in menopause?

Each year a huge number of women go through perimenopause and menopause. Many of them will experience a myriad of symptoms caused by hormonal imbalance that can be both uncomfortable and destabilising. They can be left feeling anxious, stressed, and lacking in energy and self-confidence. These are just a few of numerous possible symptoms which also include hot flushes, night sweats, mood swings, anxiety, brain fog and joint aches. Women are leading more active, healthier lives for longer, and VOYA believes this is a time when women should be able to be the best version of themselves. We have therefore created specially designed spa treatments to help alleviate and soothe the body and mind at what can potentially be a turbulent time.

Do you think menopause is misunderstood?

Historically, the menopause has been something women have gone through privately, maybe only sharing their experience with a few close friends or family. The language around menopause has been negative and closed. It is only in recent years that women have felt that they can openly discuss their menopause experience with many high-profile doctors, nutritionists and menopause advocates bringing the conversation into the public domain. We feel that there has been a misunderstanding and lack of empathy for women going through the menopause but this new change in narrative is helping move this in a more positive direction and VOYA is proud to be part of this conversation in the spa space.

How do these spa treatments help women in menopause?

VOYA’s new balancing spa rituals celebrate and support women through the natural tides of menopause, helping women transform the inner and outer self during this time. VOYA has a huge wealth of knowledge of the scientifically proven benefits of seaweed and has drawn on this for these new spa treatments. Over 80% of the seaweed plant is made up of essential minerals, vitamins and other bioactive compounds. It provides a broad range of vital nutrients including fibre, calcium, potassium and iron. It is known for its high iodine content which helps regulate hormone production by balancing thyroid activity. Balanced hormones can result in better sleep, more energy and better digestion as well as managing the effects of stress on the body.

We have taken positive inspiration from Chinese culture where menopause is known as the “second spring”, where feminine potential is celebrated with a renewal of energy and fresh opportunities, creating three separate “tides” or treatments to address the different symptoms of menopause. They are as follows:

Nourish Tide – menopause can cause changes to the skin. With a reduction in collagen, the skin tends to become drier, sensitive, and irritation prone, so increased hydration and nourishment from the inside out is required. This treatment is designed to hydrate and nourish the skin and body and promote optimum relaxation.

Grounding Tide – difficulty sleeping is one of the most reported symptoms of menopause, with 84% women going through the menopause saying it is an issue*. This treatment is designed around sleep, relaxation, and specific tools to help calm the mind, and ultimately encourage the best quality sleep.

Fortify Tide – menopause can be a time of increased aches and pains, and regular exercise, especially weight bearing exercises such as swimming, weights, yoga and Pilates can help alleviate certain symptoms, both mental and physical. Massage is also recommended to stimulate the lymphatic, circulatory and hormonal systems and can help regulate blood pressure and ease pain, as well as improve mobility, range of motion and coordination and reduce stress. This treatment blends yoga stretching, a thermal experience as well as massage and reflexology.

Do you think the spa industry has an important role to play in supporting women's health and why?

VOYA believes that when it comes to an individual’s wellbeing it needs to be looked at holistically. Spa treatments can provide clients with the mental wellbeing associated with self-care rituals which in the long term can have hugely positive effects on health.

How do aromatherapy, massage and reflexology ease the side effects of menopause?

Complementary treatments have been shown to help ease the side effects of menopause. Studies** have shown that aromatherapy helps to reduce hot flushes, night sweats, depressed mood, irritability, anxiety, and physical and mental exhaustion. Clinical trials*** have demonstrated that reflexology reduces hot flushes, sweats and night sweats. A recent study has shown improvements in sleep patterns and general quality of life following massage therapy.

What makes your menopause spa treatments unique?

VOYA not only wants to help women going through menopause but also celebrate this positive life stage full of wisdom, life experience and innate confidence, contributing to the growing conversation around menopause with relevant programmes, workshops, retreats, and individual consultations to support women going through perimenopause and menopause with complimentary bespoke spa therapies. We are empowering our spa therapists to be trained in the symptoms of menopause to understand the physical and emotional needs of the individual client to deliver the best treatment for them, personalised to their needs.

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*Fawcett Society (2022) Landmark Study: Menopausal Women Let Down by Employers and Healthcare Providers

** Darsareh F, Taavoni S, Joolaee S, Haghani H. Effect of aromatherapy massage on menopausal symptoms: a randomized placebo-controlled clinical trial. Menopause. 2012;19:995–999.

*** Gozuyesil E, Baser M. The effect of foot reflexology applied to women aged between 40 and 60 on vasomotor complaints and quality of life. Complement Ther Clin Pract. 2016;24:78–85.

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