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Old Thorns Hotel and Resort has built an exclusive Wellness Break around the Wellness Bed - here's why.

Technology is now consistently raising the game in wellness, whether it's highly sophisticated skincare or equipment to help measure, monitor and enhance our wellbeing endeavours at home or in the spa environment. One such innovation is the Wellness Bed, and such is its contribution to the spa experience that Old Thorns Hotel and Resort has built an exclusive Wellness Break around it.

Technology enhancing the spa experience

This technological bed is new to the UK, and Old Thorns Hotel and Resort are amongst the first to have it. In essence, it's a brand new hydro massage bed, which enhances the massage experience by taking all the pressure off the body and massaging from top to toe.

It also has a light hood with multiple colour options to choose from, depending on what you want to achieve from the experience, and it plays music creating a multi-sensory relaxation experience. To complete the sense of relaxation, the bed is warmed which helps to ease muscular tension.

A touchless spa treatment

For lots of people, relaxation and massage is something they want to enjoy but at the same time they don't particularly want to be touched. The treatment bed allows you to experience exactly that - a massage that's tailored to you (you can adjust and control the settings) but without having to undress or be touched by another person. Afterwards, the body feels lighter, and Old Thorns Hotel and Resort have coupled the exclusive package with full use of the spa facilities as well including the pool and relaxing wellness suite.

Katherine Compton, Spa Manager at Old Thorns, said: "It's a pleasure to be leading the way with new innovations coming into spas. We have had such wonderful feedback from the Wellness Bed so far - one thing that is apparent is that people are pleasantly surprised by how nice and relaxing it is and how effective the results are."

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