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Wellness wedding gifts

Choosing a gift that will be remembered for all the right reasons

Choosing a wedding present for someone can be tricky, especially as there are so many different relationships to navigate. Perhaps it's your best friend's wedding, a sibling's, a parent's, a colleague, a cousin twice removed, a friend you haven't seen for 10 years, your partner's boss's brother - the list goes on.

So what do you get them?

Sure, some people have a list, which can be helpful unless you're the person left buying teaspoons at £20 a pop, all of which seems a bit impersonal. However, lots of people say they don't want gifts, which is a challenge because it never really feels like you can turn up without anything at all (does Debrett's cover that?). Anyway, it's a joyful thing to give a couple something to commemorate the occasion and wish them well, and what could provide more well wishes than a wellness wedding gift?

Gemstone aromatherapy diffusers

Diffusers are such a lovely way to bring luxury into your home, and when you go to a true aromatherapy based brand, it's a lovely way to bring wellness into everyday life. A gemstone diffuser takes the luxury credentials up a notch - looking beautiful and more permanent option than the traditional ones. Norfolk Natural Living's Rose Quartz for romance, which comes with a rose diffuser oil is particularly suitable. Alternatively, an electric diffuser from the likes of Neom Organics is also a great option.

How fragrance and aromatherapy can make a big difference to our wellbeing|Find out more

Luxury candles

I think some of the best gifts are really the ones that you wouldn't buy yourself all that often. Luxury candles always feel like a delicious indulgence, and if you have a personal favourite then that adds a really personal element to your choice. Whether you're a Jo Malone fan or prefer the dramatic black glass and rich scents of a Byredo candle, they're a lovely way to bring calm into the couple's new life together.

Customised robes

We are huge fans of a really cuddling dressing gown/robe. For us, it is the symbol of pampering, wellness and relaxation. Embroidered with their initials or with their newly married prefix, it's a lovely way to bring a little wellness luxury into the couple's everyday life.

A wellness hamper

Sometimes one thing just doesn't feel like quite enough. Perhaps you can think of lots of little things rather than one bigger thing to give the people you care about. A hamper is a really nice gift and you can have fun putting it together, tailoring it to the couple and the things you know they will like. For example, you can go down the classic route of a foodie hamper, but you could go for lots of wellness gifts - your favourite massage oil, aromatherapy oils, wellness teas, customised towels, silk sleep masks, candles, bath oils... Or you can opt for a ready made option - the White Company can always be relied on for beautiful options!

Spa gift vouchers

This is the perfect balance between being something memorable, that can be personalised to just the right degree depending on your relationship with the couple. It's also a gift that gives on multiple levels, giving them something to look forward to, plan for and continue the wedding joy in the coming weeks and months. When it comes to vouchers, offers multiple options, and they can all be presented in multiple forms- a gift card in a stylish envelope, a gift box or a gift set with Temple Spa products to start the pampering at home.

A monetary voucher

You can choose a monetary voucher where you select an amount to spend and the couple can spend it anywhere they want within the collection. If you don't know the couple that well, or you know them well enough to realise they would like to choose their own spa break, this can be a great option.

Gift packages

This means that you choose everything for them except the date. That includes the spa, treatments, and any other inclusions. Imagine the fun you can have tailoring the experience just for them. It's a great option for a really close friend.

Gift of Spa Vouchers

The Gift of Spa Vouchers are a hybrid between gift packages and monetary vouchers. They offer a set spa experience, but it can be used at more than 300 spa destinations. The great thing about this is that it gives the couple the autonomy of when and where they travel, but it doesn't feel like you left the price tag on the gift.

Buy a spa gift voucher

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