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What makes Grantley Hall the ultimate luxury spa hotel?

When it comes to luxury spa destinations, few places rank as highly as Grantley Hall.

This year travel trends are veering towards unapologetically luxurious spa hotel experiences. Whether it’s a birthday, anniversary, proposal or simply just because, luxury is the name of the game - and why not? When it comes to luxury spa destinations, few places rank as highly as Grantley Hall in North Yorkshire. Having joined the Elysium Collection, the pantheon of luxury spa hotels and destinations, we have spoken about its array of facilities, its style and its design before. However, it’s really the attention to detail that sets it apart. Following a visit to this exquisite retreat, spa expert and skincare specialist, Jennifer Young, explained why she thinks it’s so special.

Grantley Hall
The beautiful gardens at Grantley Hall|Find out more

Luxury spa hotels: the devil’s in the details

I am fortunate in my career that I get to visit a lot of spas, but few have inspired me as much as Grantley Hall. Everything has been so well thought out, and it doesn’t hurt that the property and the grounds themselves are nothing short of amazing. However, for me it was very much the attitude and the way they have executed their vision for the hotel and spa experiences that makes this place the ultimate luxury spa hotel. There’s a very long drive up to the property itself, with the most fantastic waterway on the left and expansive manicured gardens all around. So, from the first moment, it’s deeply impressive and sets the tone for the rest of your stay. When you see the hall, the architecture is beautiful and everything is in perfect shape - not a proverbial hair out of place. Like the icing on the cake, the front drive is lined with an array of luxury cars. On the day I arrived it was Rolls Royces, but my understanding is that there’s also a Maserati day, amongst others. The cars are all available to buy (and guests do buy them, seemingly on a whim). It’s their equivalent of a retail space - although inside there’s also jewellery available to buy, which is almost as priceless as the cars.

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A carefully designed journey

All the details of your booking are done in advance, and it’s not just about the time you would like to have dinner or which spa treatments you would like. They ask everything from which champagne you would like in your room on arrival, to the type of books you like to read (art, history, crime etc.). These are then ready and waiting for you, as if the space had only ever been created with you in mind. The Three Graces Spa is of course something of a centrepiece. In a dedicated, purpose-built environment, it’s exceptionally designed and has some truly unique experiences. For example, there’s an underwater treadmill, cryotherapy, and a snow room - all of which attract elite athletes as well as us mere mortals. Pool porters are ready and waiting to take drinks orders and keep the spa area superbly tidy - attending to your every need and generally making you and the space you’re in feel cared for.

The restaurant at Grantley Hall|Find out more

Exceptional design

Interior design is an integral part of the experience, while other special details include a Michelin star restaurant, and dining at a chef’s table in the kitchen, which is a very special experience. There’s also a nightclub, ski chalet, bar, and there’s impressive artwork everywhere. They’re very proud of their female led team, with Valeria at the helm - there’s even a gin bar named after her. Offering the best of customer service is at the heart of this place, however. As a case in point, they have 47 rooms to stay in, and 500 staff - and in case you wondered, they’re almost always fully booked. All the illustrious people who visit are treated the same as the rest of us, and while it’s almost always fully booked, you always feel as though you have the place almost to yourself, which is perhaps the ultimate luxury.


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