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What you need to know about this month’s Relax and Read book club

Roberts+Nora+(c)+Bruce+Wilder+-completed copy (1)’s Relax and Read Book Club gives you the chance to discover new books, learn about the authors, share your opinions and really escape into an inspiring world of literature. Each month we select five customers from a self-nominated pool, to read and review a newly released or soon-to-be released book, spanning all genres. You then have six weeks to read the book before writing reviews that are published here on the Hot Tub blog, and shared with club members via a dedicated newsletter. This month’s author is Nora Roberts, joining us with her latest book, Under Currents.

“I love Nora Roberts”

– Stephen King

Every town has its ugly little secrets…

The book is about a seemingly perfect town with some ugly secrets. From the outside, the house in Lakeview Terrace looks perfect and the Bigelows seem like the perfect family: the respected surgeon father, the glamorous, devoted mother and two beautiful children. A perfect family, in a perfect house living their perfect lives. But perfect surfaces can hide dark undercurrents and behind closed doors lies a very different story.

“If you’re after the perfect pick-me-up, take-me-away-from-the-world read, then she’s your woman”

– Guardian

Teenager Zane and his younger sister, Britt, are terrorised by their violent father and dysfunctional mother. Too afraid to speak out, Zane does his best to protect his sister and counts the days until they can finally be free.

“The most popular novelist on Planet Earth”

– Washington Post

One dark, brutal night when their father’s temper takes a horrifying turn for the worse, the perfect façade is exposed for the lie it is and Zane and Britt manage to escape. With the help of their beloved aunt, they rebuild their lives a day at a time, creating new families and putting their past behind them. 

“Nora Roberts is a superstar”

– New York Times

However, a childhood like that can cast a shadow the length of a lifetime. Can Zane and Britt ever be free of their past? Or will those dark undercurrents rise to the surface, forcing them to fight for their lives once again?


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