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Why it works: Aquavibe at Fairmont Windsor Park

At the vanguard of forward-thinking spa treatments, the brand new spa at Fairmont Windsor Park offers a variety of wellbeing experiences. We recently spoke to them about their new take on full-body cryotherapy, and here they explain that makes their unique Aquavibe treatment so special.

Fairmont Windsor Park

What is Aquavibe?

Aquavibe is a guided meditation programme on a sensory sound waterbed that uniquely harnesses sound and light waves to calm and relax the user. It is based on the knowledge that selected frequencies of sound-waves can unlock tension in the muscles, improve circulation and encourage elimination using gentle vibrations that pass through the water and the client’s body as they lay upon the heated Aquavibe bed. One of the great things about it is that it’s passive learning through relaxation - it’s an effortless way to enhance long-term wellbeing and it’s a real break from a busy life.

What does it involve?

Wearing Full spectrum glasses light enters the eye through open or closed eyes and via the retina, regulating the body’s ‘light meter’, the pineal gland. These photocurrents influence internal endocrine glands that control biological functions such as sleep and wakefulness, hormone production, body temperature, breathing, digestion, sexual functions, moods, the immune system and the ageing process.

Light frequencies can be gently pulsed to encourage brain wave entrainment to the Alpha level known as the relaxation wave or slowly scrolled through pure colour frequencies to elevate mood and stimulate creativity in a similar way walking in the sunshine does.

Bose headphones are also used to listen to specific meditation and relaxation music with embedded vocal guidance voiced by an experienced hypnotherapist to guide the client through a chosen topic such as relaxation, stress release, revitalise, recharge or weight loss.

What are the benefits?

Guided meditation programmes are designed to assist with everything from relaxation to weight loss. Harnessing the power of the mind to reach a selected destination is a well-known method known among hypnotherapists, coaches and other mind and body wellbeing professionals to speed up the realisation of a goal through visualisation and relaxation. This is the main benefit of the experience.

Relaxation is also another benefit - this is a cumulative benefit however, like training to know how to relax. The more you learn what deep relaxation feels like, the easier it becomes to achieve it on and off the Aquavibe.

Other benefits include stimulation of the circulation, deeper breathing, it improves bone density and reduced back pain, can help with fat dispersal and absorption and can aid muscular strength and cardiovascular health. There are also benefits to brain function, making you feel more alert and clear minded. It can elevate mood and enhance creative thinking.


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