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Why it Works … Decléor Vital Eyes

Staring at a computer screen all day and probably not drinking enough water doesn’t just make you feel tired, it can make you look a bit on the peaky side as well, and it’s your hard-working eyes that take most of the strain, so on a trip to MacDonald Hill Valley, Product Executive Danielle Deer put the Vital Eyes treatment to the test - Spa Manager Lisa Griffin explains what it’s all about!

What is it?

The Vital Eyes treatment is a forty-five minute facial which focuses on the eye area -using massage and targeted products.

What’s it for?

It is designed to help with fine lines, fatigue and dehydration around the eyes (which is a natural sign of ageing) and it’s particularly good for reducing puffiness and dark circles.

Why does it work?

A lot of it’s to do with the massage which targets particular pressure points and uses a drainage movement to reduce puffiness.  We also use an eye mask which contains wild pansy which feeds the skin and gets rid of dehydration lines.  The facial helps to relieve tension which is great because stress and being tired are big contributors to problems around the eye area.

Is there anything you recommend clients do after their treatment to prolong the effects?

Always drink lots of water to prevent dehydration, and we offer a prescription card with products advisable for the individual after their treatment.  You will see an effect straight away, but for it to last you need to continue using products at home and for a really long term effect come back and have the treatment roughly once a month.

Is there anyone you particularly recommend the treatment for?

Although a lot of the products target ageing it’s really for anyone with eye concerns - you can be in your twenties and have dark circles under your eyes.

Is there anyone who shouldn’t have the treatment?

If you have had surgery within the past six months you should consult the therapist before booking - sometimes it can be adapted to suit you.  It’s also not advisable if you have false eyelashes.  Because of the focus on pressure points it isn’t suitable for pregnant women, and anyone who has had a serious illness recently should talk to their doctor or a therapist before booking as well.

What Danielle thought …

I could definitely feel the products tingling around my eyes, which was not exactly comfortable all the time, but the overall treatment was very relaxing.  Immediately afterwards your skin feels very fresh and soothed, but for the effects to last you would need to have it regularly.

To book a treatment at Macdonald Hill Valley contact the team on: 0800 043 6600

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