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Why it works: Elemis Herbal Steam Temple spa treatment

The luxurious spa treatment that's made to be shared.

Some spa experiences are made to be shared, and the Elemis Herbal Steam Temple at Celtic Manor is one on them. A unique take on a mud rasul, it comes complete with its own 'constellations' on the ceiling and a luxurious self-applied set of products that nourish the skin. Perfect for couples and friends spending therapeutic time together, here they explain what it is and why it's such a gorgeous spa treatment.

Celtic Manor group spa treatment

What does the Herbal Steam Temple spa treatment involve?

It is a 45-minute full-body treatment which you apply yourself. We recommend that you have the treatment with at least one other person or a maximum of four people in total. 

We have a steam therapist who prepares the Arabian steam chamber, which has heated seats, a heated floor and three hundred lights that look like stars and are in the shape of the constellations.  She explains the treatment to the guests and what they need to do.

  • It starts with a full body exfoliation using Elemis Lime and Ginger Salt Scrub which is extremely detoxifying, and we advise that you concentrate on areas where there is dry skin - it’s really nice to help one another when it comes to your back! 
  • You then shower and apply four types of mineral mud on specific areas of the body before sitting down and enjoying the heat listening to soft music.  Herb infused steam is also pumped into the room. 
  • Towards the end of the treatment it starts to rain lightly in the chamber. When the mud washes off the treatment ends and the therapist comes in to take you into the relaxation room.
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Where does the spa treatment come from?

The treatment is very similar to a mud rasul, which has its origins in Turkey.  The products we use however are all from Elemis and the treatment itself is unique to Celtic Manor.  The muds are very similar to those used in Greece to help treat poisoning - so the principles are ancient.

What is the spa treatment supposed to do?

The treatment leaves the skin soft, reinvigorated and glowing.  The initial scrub is good for detox, but the key to the spa treatment are the Bolus Mineral Muds and the heat.  There is a face mud and three body muds which are different colours due to the minerals in them. There are no preservatives or colourings added either.

  • The white mud  goes on the chest area and is good for firming and toning.
  • The grey mud goes on the legs and buttocks and is good for cellulite and water retention.
  • A dark grey mud goes on your back and shoulders - it is very warming and helps to relieve tension. 
  • The herb infused steam in the room helps to cleanse the respiratory system.
  • The heat helps the products to really penetrate the skin and work on an internal as well as external level.

Is there anything you do to enhance the effectiveness of the spa treatment?

To continue the hydration process, clients can use Elemis moisturisers after the treatment, and all the products are also available to purchase.  The stars and design of the room help with relaxation because it’s just a very nice place to spend time.  You can have the treatment on your own, but you get the most out of it if you are with someone else to help you apply the muds. We have the only chamber that takes four people in the UK, so it is a unique experience.

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Is there anything you recommend clients do pre or post-spa treatment to get the most out of it?

For women we would recommend arriving without your make-up on, but we do have cleansers and toners on-hand that you can use.  Afterwards, make sure you are hydrated because it is a heat treatment, and take some time to relax because it is normal to feel a little dizzy.  It is also a great idea to have a massage afterwards because all the muscles will be warm and you will really feel the benefit.

Is there anyone you particularly recommend the spa treatment for?

In terms of skin types, it is good for dry skin and as a pre- or post-holiday treat to either prepare your skin for a tan or help it last afterwards.  It is also excellent for groups, hen parties, birthdays, couples, and anyone who is new to spa and a bit nervous having a treatment because you have it with a friend or partner.

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Is there anyone who shouldn’t have this spa treatment and why?

It is not advisable for anyone who is pregnant because the heat can disturb your blood pressure. It is also not suitable for anyone with iodine or seafood allergies, and respiratory problems.  If you have had a serious illness including cancer we advise that guests should be 12 months in remission before having this treatment, however we can always suggest an alternative spa therapy. If you have had surgery we advise waiting three months before having the treatment to allow scar tissue to heal.

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