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Why it works … Frangipani Salt Glow Wrap

In a combination of treatments unique to them, Foxhills joins forces with Elemis to bring you a little bit of the South Pacific in Surrey …

What exactly is the Frangipani Salt Glow Wrap?

It’s a 55 minute exfoliation ritual to invigorate and revitalise the body.  It starts with a light body brushing to start the exfoliation and then we apply the salt, which melts on contact with the skin to leave the skin silky and nourished.  We then use a rich infusion of exotic Tahitian Monoi oil and frangipani flowers to leave the skin delicately fragranced.  Following a shower we massage in a layer of the frangipani oil which is drizzled over the body, before wrapping you up to let the products sink in.  We then drench the skin in an Exotic Balm moisturiser to leave it glowing, leaving you smelling like you’re on the islands.

Where does it come from?

It is a combination of a few Elemis treatments, using their products.  The scrub is new to the Elemis range, so this has been developed around that.  It’s unique to Foxhills.

What is it supposed to do?

It nourishes the skin and exfoliates, boosts metabolism, and leaves the skin soft and flawless!  The oil really moisturises as well without leaving you shiny.

Is there anything you do to enhance the effectiveness of the treatment?

We created the treatment around the scrub, so all the other elements enhance its effectiveness.

Is there anything you recommend clients to do pre or post-treatment to get the most out of it?

We have wonderful facilities at Foxhills including a thermal area which makes a great pre-treatment and gives clients the chance to relax beforehand, that way you get more out of the treatment.  Afterwards, just make sure you drink lots of water afterwards and keep up with moisturising at home as well.

Is there anyone you particularly recommend the treatment for?

It’s ideal pre or post holiday, post pregnancy, and for anyone with dry skin.

Is there anyone who shouldn’t have this treatment and why?

Pregnancy is the main one, but we can adapt the treatment for mums-to-be so you don’t miss out completely.  If you have a major illness then it’s always advisable to check before you come, but generally it’s a safe treatment.

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