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Why it works: Hydradermie Lift Facial

A celebrity-favourite, anti-ageing facial

French brand Guinot's Hydradermie Lift Facial is a celebrity favourite for its lifting, rejuvenating and anti-ageing properties. Here, one spa therapist explains what it is and why it works.

What exactly is the Hydradermie Lift Facial?

It’s a 55-minute mechanical facial which starts with a consultation to ascertain the client’s objectives, followed by a cleanse, tone, and exfoliation using a spa specific product that breaks down the skin’s natural resistance to electricity.  We then use a Guinot Hydradermie Electrode which has a very mild micro electric current over the face, before applying a remodelling cream, doing a facial massage, a mask, and finishing off with a moisturiser to suit the client’s skin type.

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Where does the Hydradermie Lift Facial come from?

It is from Guinot, which is a French brand.  There are other variations on mechanical facials out there, but Guinot developed theirs in response to client feedback and demand.  They are very popular because products are based on natural ingredients, but are very results driven - Coleen Rooney is said to be a big fan.

What is the Hydradermie Lift Facial supposed to do?

People usually like to have the Hydradermie Lift Facial before special occasions - like weddings or even a big job interview. It is great for rejuvenating the skin and reducing sagginess.  The electrodes reduce tension and improve circulation as well as stimulating drainage and improving muscle tone.  It’s a great option for anyone who wants a bit of a lift but doesn’t want to go down the route of surgery or botox.

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Is there anything therapists do to enhance the effectiveness of the Hydradermie Lift Facial?

Yes, during the consultation we find out what the client wants from the treatment so we can add in extra elements, such as a foot massage, while the face mask is on.  We also give clients who have this facial a pouch with a mask and eye cream, which is an offer unique to us.

Is there anything you recommend clients to do pre or post-facial to get the most out of it?

We advise clients do not to have any heat treatments 12 hours before and after the facial, and not to wear any make up for six hours afterwards.  If you have had botox then you need to wait four weeks before having this facial, and we always recommend products for aftercare as well.  You will see instant effects from the treatment, but we advise having a series of them for long term results, particularly before a special occasion.

Is there anyone you particularly recommend the Hydradermie Lift Facial for?

Women who are getting married, anyone who is feeling or looking a little tired and run down from working hard, or if you have slackness under the jaw.

Is there anyone who shouldn’t have the Hydradermie Lift Facial and why?

If you have had any recent surgical procedures or are having ongoing medical treatment it is best to seek advice from a therapist first.  It isn’t suitable for anyone who has had extensive metal dental work or if you have any metal plate work.  Anyone with epilepsy, pregnant women, people with pacemakers, diabetes, and any serious pre-existing medical conditions are also advised not to have this facial, or if you are unsure speak to a therapist before booking.

Why have a facial?

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