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Why it works: Pure Salt Grain Massage

Created specifically for Manor House Hotel - Alsager, in collaboration with Tribe Skincare, here's what you need to know about their Pure Salt Grain Massage.

Created specifically for Manor House Hotel - Alsager, in collaboration with Tribe 517, the Pure Salt Grain Massage is a multifaceted spa treatment that leaves guests feeling invigorated, relaxed and with deeply nourished skin. Here, Spa Manager, Hannah, explains what it is and why it works.

What is the Pure Salt Grain Massage?

It’s a 60-minute massage treatment where we use Tribe’s Pink Soft product - one of their best-selling items - with a blend of shea butter and pure Himalayan salt grains. It’s extremely nourishing but also deeply exfoliating thanks to the combination of fine and chunky grains of salt.

What happens during the massage?

It's an uninterrupted treatment where you lay on your front all the way through. Unlike other full body treatments, it’s not interrupted by asking you to turn over. To reach all areas of the body, we use movements such as elevating the legs and resting them on our shoulders so we can work all the way round.

We also vary the movements throughout the massage; there are lots of nice deep stretching massage moves so the salt grains really glide across the skin to get those dead cells but you also get this lovely sensation of a relaxing massage. We do a lot of work to release tension around shoulders and the neck.

Throughout treatment we do a 'dance' around the bed, so we never disturb the flow. Once we have gone around the whole bed we do a full body warm mitt removal so you don't have to get up to shower and you don't get interrupted with hot and cold sensations throughout the massage.

The salt grain really invigorates the muscles, so you feel relaxed and refreshed with skin like silk at the end.

Where does the massage come from?

It's a massage that's bespoke to us. I worked with Claire, who owns Tribe, because we felt we were missing something that combines a scrub and a massage. Lots of people want the really fresh feeling from a scrub but don’t want to miss out on the relaxation of a massage at the same time.

As a spa we chose to work with Tribe because we love their products and their ethos. I have worked with them for a long time, and I really like them. It’s not just wonderful for the client either, we talk a lot in the industry about therapist wellness - the working lifespan of therapist is getting shorter and shorter as treatments can cause injuries to them, so as a spa we wanted to provide treatments that give the clients what they want and need, but that also use more sustainable movements for therapists.

All Tribe’s products are natural and ethically sourced. It's a brand that's really getting more exposure and meets the values of spa goers today - it’s vegan, sustainable, and focused on holistic wellbeing.

For me one of the most important things was that the relationship we have with the product house allows us to create treatments based on our experiences and what we want to see offered in the spa rather than just being about standardised brand protocols. It makes the spa treatments much more personal and gives us more job satisfaction as well. When you hear feedback about how people enjoyed their massage, it’s wonderful.

Who would you recommend the massage for?

It’s perfect if someone has dry and dehydrated skin, if you’re feeling stressed or if you need a really good rejuvenating treatment. As it involves massage and an invigorating effect on the skin, it's great for someone with a hectic lifestyle too - if you don’t have time to do all those exfoliating rituals at home. There are so many benefits in one treatment, it’s a real treat.

Is there anyone who shouldn’t have it?

It’s not recommended for anyone who's pregnant as increasing the circulation can make you a bit light headed and we don't want to increase blood pressure during pregnancy. It’s also not recommended for anyone going through particularly fragile periods such as serious illness as it’s pretty intense. If anyone is going through something, like cancer for example, we do have treatments we can offer instead though, we have something for everyone so if you’re in any doubt just contact us and we can make a recommendation.

Is there anything you recommend clients do before or after their spa treatment to make the most of it?

It's always a good idea to use the thermal facilities before a massage, even if it's just 10 minutes in the sauna or having a shower, as it enhances the benefits of the treatment and prepares the skin so we can really get to work.

Afterwards I always recommend that you don't shower straight away - the longer you sit in the products the more time there is for them to be absorbed into the skin and the more nourished it will feel. Also, try not to do too much strenuous activity after your massage as it undoes all the good that’s been done in the treatment. Let muscles recuperate and take time to really relax.


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