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Why it works: The Tranquil Tibetan spa treatment at Rockliffe Hall

Oh so much more than a massage!

The world-class country retreat that is Rockliffe Hall is known for its excellence, and that certainly applies to its spa experiences. Always masters of creating something unique to experience, Treatment Manager, Sarah Usher, tells us all about their unique Tranquil Tibetan spa treatment.

What is the Tranquil Tibetan spa treatment?

It’s a full body treatment that hinges on massage but incorporates lots of other elements to really make it an all-round experience. It is two hours long and begins with a full body exfoliating scrub, which you then shower off before enjoying a full body massage. We also use Tibetan sound bowls to adjust the energy in the room, creating this magical sound and atmosphere as well as working on the body on a vibrational level. For the massage we use bamboo sticks which allow us to provide a really deep massage, and we bring it all together with our signature Tranquillity products and scents from Comfort Zone, which are also used in the showers, so there’s a sense of continuity with the rest of your spa experience.

Where is the spa treatment from?

I designed it! I wanted to bring our favourite elements from different therapies together to create something really unique and special for guests to experience while they’re here.

We have used Tibetan sound bowls/singing bowls in their own right before, and they are incredibly beautiful. The idea is that when our natural vibrations get out of tune, it is the root of illness. It’s an ancient practice, and the instruments change the vibrations and get the body back into its own vibrational state.

The bamboo sticks also add a unique element - I have found that most treatments that use them don’t maximise them, and I wanted to create a really effective as well as beautiful therapy. So many people ask for a deep tissue massage when they go to a spa, and it’s often because they don’t really know what else is available. I wanted to be able to offer the deep tissue element for those who want it alongside an opportunity to experience other elements of the spa experience. The sticks also mean that therapists can apply pressure without damaging their wrists.

What are the benefits of the spa treatment?

The scrub helps to get rid of dead skin cells to improve tone and texture, which is especially good at this time of year when people are preparing for summer. The sound bowls are deeply relaxing and add another healing dimension to the treatment. The massage helps with circulation, blood flow, and it relaxes muscles. It’s especially good for someone who likes sports massage or sits at a desk a lot.

Who is it best suited to?

I think it’s best for someone with a really busy lifestyle, or who is looking to really make the most of their spa day. If you’re treating yourself to your spa experience then you want something really special and this is definitely the treatment to go for as it’s so different to other therapies and it’s unique to us. I haven’t seen that combination of techniques anywhere else, and I think if you don’t know what you expect then it really helps you to be in the moment as you’re not anticipating the therapist’s next move.

Is there anyone who shouldn’t have it?

Although we can adapt the treatment's intensity, I think it’s best avoided if you have muscle strains or varicose veins. It’s also not recommended during pregnancy, if you have a serious illness, are undergoing cancer treatment or have had recent surgeries.

Is there anything you recommend doing before or after the treatment to make the most of it?

Before your treatment, just make use of the spa facilities, especially the thermal suite. Relax in the spa garden and use the massage jets to help prepare the body for your massage. After your treatment it’s important to stay hydrated as it’s quite long. Also, try to leave the products on for as long as possible so that they can keep working on the skin.

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