Why it works: Tribe517’s Hot Rocking Relax spa treatment at Breedon Priory 

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Breedon Priory's spa manager talks about one of their most unique therapies, the Hot Rocking Relax spa treatment.

Breedon Priory opened its exclusive doors to the world in October 2021, and has met with rave reviews ever since. Their spa treatments are just one of the reasons that they are proving such a hit with wellbeing lovers who also enjoy life’s luxuries. Here, Spa Manager, Elle, talks about one of their most unique therapies, the Hot Rocking Relax spa treatment.

What does the Hot Rocking Relax spa treatment involve?

It's a luxurious, muscle warming full body massage using heated ceramic orbs to relieve tired and aching muscles. You also have choice oils at the start of the treatment - either the Heal and Health oil with orange and fennel, or the mesmerising Hypnotic Sleep Balm with black pepper and petitgrain.

Where does the spa treatment come from?

It was developed by Tribe517, which is a relatively new product line that’s committed to incredible spa treatments and ethical practices. So their products are luxurious, natural, fair trade and organic. That said, the Hot Rocking Relax spa treatment is designed to be tailored to the individual every time.

The ceramic orbs are a unique part of the experience. They are made from French sandstone and each one has a specific shape and function to optimise the therapist's massage techniques.

Who is the treatment recommended for?

It’s about recalibrating the body and mind. So it’s for anyone who’s feeling physically tense, or as though they can’t switch off mentally, looking to shake off the tensions of daily life and untie the knots in muscles tightened by stress.

Is there anyone who shouldn’t have this spa treatment?

It’s not recommended during pregnancy as it’s quite intense, or for anyone with high blood pressure. However we do have other treatments that we can recommend for different people at different times. If you have any questions or are unsure, you can contact us and we’re always happy to make recommendations.

Do you recommend doing anything in particular before or after to get the most out of the massage?

We suggest that afterwards you unwind in our post treatment relaxation room with a cool glass of water to give yourself time to really enjoy that relaxed feeling.

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