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Why it works: Carita – the alternative to cosmetic surgery

Lifehouse Spa and Hotel in Essex has many strings to its bow, not least of all the only Carita Suite outside London. An area of the highly acclaimed spa dedicated to the French brand, a sister to Decleor, it is described as the non surgical answer to a facelift - essentially it is really results driven.

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Using LED lights, each of the six facials available has a different purpose, the most popular of which is the Metamorphosis facial. Here, Lifehouse Spa therapists explain what makes Carita facials so special…

What exactly is the Carita Metamorphosis facial?

They are anti-ageing and lifting facials that are very deep cleansing because of the intense scrub component, which lasts a full 20 minutes. The refiner you start with is a vibrating tool that removes trapped dirt and oil, and after the scrub it gives a radiant effect.

Then you go on to do have a sculpting facial massage, and therapists use different tools such as precision pens, that work on details like frown lines and crow’s feet. The LED light that’s used consists of different colours for different skin types, while one of the best parts of the treatment is the gloves - where a therapist puts gloves on and use them to lift and contract the muscles of your face.

Where does the treatment come from?

Carita is the sister brand of Decleor. It is a French brand founded in the 1920s and was set up by two sisters, Maria and Rosie Carita, in Paris. They opened their first salon in 1945 and were dedicated to a scientific approach.

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What are the treatments supposed to do?

They are very much the alternative to cosmetic surgery. They are about lifting, firming and getting rid of wrinkles - although obviously the details depend on the particular treatment.

Is there anything you do to enhance the effectiveness of the treatment?

We add a lovely environment to it! Carita saw the space at Lifehouse and they wanted to create a Carita Suite - we’re the only one in the UK outside London, and it shows off the history and ethos of Carita. It’s bringing a little bit of Paris to Essex!

Is there anything you recommend clients to do pre or post-treatment to get the most out of it?

Skincare wise, we would recommend you use the Carita products at home - they recently launched a home device that has an ultrasound and LED system as well which is wonderful. A course of treatments also works best - starting with two a week for two weeks and then the last two once a week and then every six weeks thereafter.

Carita has always been described to us as looking after your skin at a different level, investing in your skin, and it really us. It’s a completely different type of technology - the thought of having a Carita facial and then putting a highstreet cream on top is a bit pointless - Carita is really L’Oreal’s Rolls-Royce brand and once you start using it, you’re hooked. It’s such a simple concept - prepping, correcting and protecting, but it works for us!

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Is there anyone you particularly recommend the treatments for?

We do have treatments for younger skin types and when therapists do their training they’re often on 18 or 19 year olds, and you even see a difference with them. However, for the key treatments they are best for anyone aged 40+. They are strong products, but they have ranges for different skin types, so there are options for sensitive skin, so there’s something for pretty much everyone.

Is there anyone who shouldn’t have this treatment and why?

There are quite a lot of contraindications because of the ultrasound and LED system, principally people with metal plates or implants, botox, pregnancy, heart problems and major health issues. You can still have a manual Carita facial however with the products, but just not the technology. It’s always best to speak to a therapist before booking to check if you’re concerned.


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