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Why it works … The Ultimate Full Body Massage

It’s the most requested form of spa treatment around, but Crerar Hotels put a new spin on the classic massage to create the ultimate experience …

What is The Ultimate Full Body Massage?

It is a two hour treatment featuring a one hour full body massage.  It starts on the back of the body and then the front, working from the feet upwards.  At that point you are really relaxed and we move on to an Advanced Pro-Collagen facial in which there is a lot of facial massage including pressure points and attention to the neck and shoulders.  That also lasts for an hour, so you really feel uplifted and refreshed at the end.

Where does it come from?

It’s an Elemis treatment at its core, but we have made it into our own and extended it into a two-hour experience that exemplifies the Sonas Spa.  The combination of the massage and facial makes it really popular!

What is it supposed to do?

It’s all about reducing stress and being totally pampered.  The facial is also designed to refresh the skin and leave it plumped and smoothed.  The Elemis products are fantastic in terms of their immediate effect; you do see results so a lot of people come back once they have tried it!

Is there anything you do to enhance the effectiveness of the treatment?

We can tailor the facial to clients’ needs based on the consultation form before the treatment begins, we can identify what a guest needs or if there are any particular problems or areas of concern.  For example, we can make the massage more about aromatherapy if stress is the problem or more about deep tissue techniques if aches and pains are the issue.  It’s not a set style; we are very flexible because we know everyone has different needs.

Is there anything you recommend clients do before or after the treatment to get the most out of it?

I strongly suggest not eating too heavily before the treatment (our restaurant serves light lunches), and take time to use the leisure facilities as well - maybe have a light swim or sauna/ steam to relax the muscles before the massage.  Afterwards, have plenty of water because it’s a long treatment and it does get the toxins moving, try to relax for a bit, and don’t drive for a while afterwards as you may feel drowsy.  Also, try not to drink alcohol for the rest of the day.  We have a relaxation area that I highly recommend taking advantage of both before and after treatments!

Is there anyone you particularly recommend it for?

It’s for anyone with a busy life, which is everyone these days!  Anyone with a very physical job, working mums, anyone who cares for members of the family - peoples’ lifestyles are so fast-paced today, we have really noticed an increase in demand for this treatment over the last few years because it gives a much-needed sense of relaxation.  For anyone staying on an overnight break at the hotel it’s the cherry on top of the experience!

Is there anyone who shouldn’t have the treatment?

Health and safety of clients is obviously paramount which is why the consultation form is important to identify any areas of concern.  This particular treatment is not suitable for anyone who has had surgery in the last couple of months, anyone with serious back or leg injuries in the last couple of weeks, pregnant women (although it can be adapted after the first three months, so just speak to a therapist when booking to let them know), and serious illnesses and health conditions such as certain heart conditions or if you are currently having treatment for cancer should avoid it, although it is fine once treatment has finished.

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