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Anti-ageing and skin rejuvenation experts, CACI, celebrate 30 years of skincare

We meet CACI Managing Director, Dean Nathanson

CACI has become a well known name in the spa and beauty industry, recognised for their leading technologies and treatments, colloquially known as “the non-surgical face lift”. Now celebrating 30 years of anti-ageing and skin rejuvenation expertise, we spoke to their Managing Director, Dean Nathanson to talk, past, present and future of skincare.

What did you do before CACI?

After graduating, I spent the first two years of my career as a solicitor in a London law firm, but I wasn’t particularly enjoying my job. I started dating Eileen, an aesthetician, who told me about CACI, a non-surgical muscle lifting system she worked with in her Harley Street clinic, which gave amazing results. At the time, the system had also gained a reputation in the US for treating sports injuries on top athletes like Carl Lewis. This sparked my interest. At the time I knew nothing about beauty, but I was a keen sportsman and used to play rugby for Southern England and run for my county. The system really appealed to me.

Where did the idea for CACI come from?

The original concept was developed by Dr. Thomas Wing in the US for treating Bell’s Palsy, a viral condition that causes the facial muscles to droop, typically on one side of the face only.

Dr. Wing discovered that using a current that mimics the body’s own bio electrical field (micro current) combined with a unique electromagnetic waveform delivery method, he could not only re-educate muscles but also speed tissue healing by triggering improved cell function, without the use of needles.

Dr. Wing’s systems also had cosmetic benefits, so he developed the first CACI system, an acronym for Computer Aided Cosmetology Instrument.

Eileen and I decided to approach Dr. Wing for UK distribution rights, which we were granted in 1992. I’m not sure if it was my youth or naivety, but I had no doubt it would be a success. We decided to hit the consumer market first to create demand and awareness rather than go straight to trade. We received accolades in press. CACI was praised as ‘the ultimate in beauty sleep’ in Harpers & Queen and also won a Daily Express Beauty Oscar and Harpers & Queen best ever facial. In the first year, we did £1 million turnover. In part it was due to signing contracts with two large department store chains to whom we supplied about 400 systems.

Word spread. After TV interviews and magazine coverage, I received a phone call from a therapist called Chrissie Fitzgerald, who was at the time treating Princess Diana. Not long after, the Sunday People published a front page and inside feature on Princess Diana having CACI. Our phone lines went crazy. The Princess Diana story made global news. We were then granted world distribution rights in 1994. In 1997, I purchased the intellectual property rights to Dr. Wing’s CACI technology and set up a manufacturing facility in the UK.

Our latest system, the CACI Synergy still incorporates Dr Wing’s original microcurrent technology, but it is now enhanced with our own SPED microcurrent technology that incorporates simultaneous LED light therapy for faster, longer lasting results. It also includes wrinkle comb-, ultrasonic rejuvenation- and orbital skin resurfacing-technology.

CACI jowl lift treatment

For those who are discovering you for the first time - what makes CACI special?

CACI is the original non-surgical facelift with no downtime and an A-lister following. Since its launch 30 years ago, CACI has developed several unique technologies, and continues to innovate. A proud-to-be British brand, CACI is available in over 10,000 spas and clinics and in over 100 countries. The results are unrivalled and are instantly visible after a single treatment. CACI Synergy is clinically proven to tone the face, reduce wrinkle depth, improve skin elasticity, and improve skin texture and imperfections. With over 100 treatment options CACI Synergy can be bespoke and tailored to the needs of each individual client.

CACI Synergy facials

What would you say to someone thinking about having a CACI facial for the first time?

You won’t believe the results from this non-surgical treatment. It's ideal as a preventative treatment for maintaining skin health in younger clients, as well as offering specific targeted treatments. It's also suitable for men and woman of all ages and skin types. There is no pain, discomfort, or treatment downtime. We also offer express treatments that work well on spa menus. In addition to our facial toning technology, we also have treatments for acne, scar tissue, pigmentation, lip plumping and lip lines, deep wrinkles, jowl lifting, sun damage, dehydrated skin, hand rejuvenation, cellulite, stretch marks and body toning.

How have peoples' attitudes chanced to non-surgical face lifts?

Clients are now more focused on results-driven treatments that deliver a discernible difference to their appearance rather than being just about pampering. A non-surgical facelift makes you look rested, less tired, skin is firmer, and wrinkles are less defined, and skin has a softer more youthful appearance. A rejuvenated appearance is also great for improving mental well-being and positivity - it gives people more confidence. Demand for results-based treatments has seen a huge increase in the number of spas moving away from traditional pampering and massage, and now offering results-based treatments amongst their services. Indeed, many traditional skincare companies have recognised the need to now incorporate technology with their skincare to deliver more results orientated treatments.  With the Instagram generation there is now also a greater emphasis on appearance and looking your best, as a result CACI treatments are now more than ever in demand.

What does 'anti-ageing' mean to you?

Anti-ageing, as a term, has negative connotations. I prefer to think of CACI treatments as making the most of what you have naturally. Our treatments deliver real, natural looking results rather than providing an unrecognisable appearance that looks artificially enhanced.

What are your top skincare recommendations?

Regular skin exfoliation, a good topical moisturiser, reducing UV exposure and wearing a sunscreen will all help improve skin appearance. However, the most effective routine for your skin, is to get a good night’s sleep, regular exercise, drink plenty of water and eat healthily - avoid sugary foods, fizzy drinks, processed foods and trans fats.

What's your home skincare routine?

I exfoliate once a week and apply a light moisturiser with UV protection each day. I drink a chaga mushroom drink each evening and a turmeric shot every morning - both drinks are rich in antioxidants. If I can, I love to squeeze in a professional CACI Gentleman’s Facial to firm and tone.

CACI has just celebrated its 30th year, how do you see the brand moving forward in 2023?

We have just launched a CACI Advanced Clinic initiative, whereby clinics and their therapists are assessed and certified as competent in all CACI advanced treatment techniques.

They then receive an enhanced listing on our website clinic finder, indicating their CACI Advanced Clinic status. We are also developing a new multifunctional treatment technology specifically for the aesthetic medical market that we plan to launch in the latter part of 2023.

I am also very excited to announce the development of a niche range of results-orientated and treatment-targeted CACI cosmeceutical skincare and treatment masks that will be launched later in 2023. We are thrilled to be introducing a new in demand, hands-on microcurrent facial treatment to spa and clinic menus next year too.

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