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The spa way to support sleep when the clocks change

Spa treatments and experiences that support rest and relaxation as we head into the winter months

This weekend the clocks are changing - for some it marks a low point in the year as the days get shorter and shorter. For others, it's a welcome reason to hunker down and go into hibernation mode. Either way, the lack of daylight can give us all a sense of drowsiness. So, how can we support rest to feel our best with a little spa support this winter? Here are some of our top suggestions.

The importance of a good night's rest

Why do we need sleep?

Aside from being one of life's great pleasures, sleep is necessary for maintaining normal levels of cognitive skills such as speech, memory, and innovative and flexible thinking. In other words, you would be incoherent (and unwell) without it.

What can prevent sleep?

It’s a bit of a vicious cycle because lots of the things that can cause sleeplessness can also be the result of a lack of sleep - depression, worry, anxiety, certain medications, general health problems, stress, asthma, and allergies can all take their toll on your REM cycle.

The mental impact of sleeplessness:

As if you need our help to suss this one out - a lack of sleep can lead to grumpiness, grogginess, irritability and forgetfulness. It’s also linked with depression and impaired judgement, which can be dangerous, for example when driving.

Physical effects of sleeplessness:

Perhaps not quite as obviously, a lack of sleep can have a number of physical side effects when it goes on long-term.  It has been linked to heart disease, high blood pressure and diabetes. It can also lower your sex drive and contribute to weight gain because not only do we tend to eat more when we are tired but we also veer more easily towards sugary and fatty foods in an attempt to find a quick energy boost.

Support sleep with these spa tips and treatments

Aromatherapy for stress:

Aromatherapy is a wonderful way to support mind and body for lots of different things. For example, lavender oil has a longstanding reputation for aiding relaxation. Incorporated into an aromatherapy massage, essential oils can be a great way to start easing stress from both a physical and emotional angle. 

Discover how the body's olfactory system responds to aromatherapy |Find out more

The right environment for rest:

Your environment can play a big role in your ability to wind down and fall asleep - it is only the lucky few who can fall asleep just anywhere.  One place you are guaranteed to get some peace and quiet is during an isopod treatment - where you float in a tank designed to support deep relaxation called Restricted Environmental Stimulation Technique or (appropriately) R.E.S.T.

Floatation tank : isopod
Discover Ockenden Manor's isopod treatments|Find out more

General wellness and sleep:

It is hard to pinpoint exactly what it is that chases sleep away, but sometimes you just don’t feel quite right, and that can be enough - an ache here, a few too many nights out - whatever. Thalassotherapy is an extension of hydrotherapy with the added benefits of using marine elements and 35 and 37º C heat which has a generally restorative effect on the skin and body as well as targeting stress and skin conditions including eczema and psoriasis. 

Hydrotherapy Pool (4)
Find out about hydrotherapy and its healing benefits|Find out more

Anxiety and sleeplessness

A good massage is always a good recommendation for helping you to get out of your head and back into your body, which can be a good way to help ease anxiety. Of course it's not a cure, but it can be a powerful way to help prepare mind and body for sleep and ease feelings of worry and tension.

From the experiences to the spa treatments, spas are a powerful way to support your wellbeing throughout the year, but particularly during periods of change which impact your sleep and routine.

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