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Be Mindful: the new spa day setting you on a path to better wellbeing

Luxury spa, Ockenden Manor has created a unique wellbeing experience in a new collaboration with the founder of The Light Technique.

Ockenden Manor has a track record of creating new and unique spa experiences. A luxury spa destination with everything you could ask for to bring the worlds of pampering and wellness together, they have always focused on bringing something extra to your visit.

Their new spa day continues that ideology, once again partnering with the inspiring founder of The Light Technique, Katie Light. It provides an experience that's not only joyful in its own right, but sets you on a path to better wellness when you leave too, whatever that means to you at this time.

Luxury meets meaningful wellness experiences

The spa has been working with Katie Light since 2018, bringing together holistic therapies that not only offer lovely, pampering experiences in the moment in the eco-friendly spa surroundings, but that also create ongoing benefits or introduce spa goers to new wellbeing habits. Katie's process hinges on breath work, as well as bringing in elements of massage, reiki, coaching and her specific light technique.

For their new Be Mindful Spa Day, Ockenden asked Katie to return and provide additional training to their most experienced therapists, creating a wellness experience for mind and body with a two-hour, completely bespoke treatment. Central to the process is the initial consultation that guests have with their therapist, including in-depth questions that invite you to talk about your lifestyle and any particular trauma or health issues.

That consultation will then inform the type of treatment that your therapist offers. It will include a massage, breath work and reiki, but it will be tailored to you and what you want or need. Therefore, if there are particular health concerns that make certain elements of the treatment unsuitable, then your therapist will adapt it.

Setting you on the path to wellness

What makes the Be Mindful Spa Day unique is the consideration it's given to combining a luxury spa experience with the opportunity to have a really meaningful impact on your future wellbeing.

It's a chance to really be listened to, and it can set you on a track to learning new techniques for combating stress, improving sleep, or simply impact how you let go of habits that haven’t been working for you. It may either be your thinking or behaviour that you find inspiration to modify, but it's all about starting to learn new techniques to help you going forward. As a case in point, at the end of your treatment, your therapist will leave you with tips and advice to continue the techniques at home to help you each day.

Of course, the spa day can also simply be enjoyed on its own as a beautiful experience. However, for those who want to start thinking more holistically about wellbeing, it's a fantastic start on the road to listening to yourself.

Whether its work stresses or personal life imbalances, Ockenden Manor has welcomed guests who have embraced the treatment and found it helpful. We all want to be heard and this is a unique opportunity to be listened to and then apply what you’re saying to a physical experience that impacts mental and emotional wellbeing as well.

Holistic wellbeing

To make a full day of your visit, the spa package also includes a 45-minute isopod floatation treatment as well. The meditative therapy has a wide range of wellbeing benefits thanks to the quiet reflection time that it provides, and its ability to calm the body's circadian rhythm.

Floatation tank : isopod
Find out more about the benefits of isopod floatation therapy|Find out more

Ultimately, the Be Mindful Spa Day is an opportunity to reset and set yourself off on the right track to achieving your personal wellbeing goals. Not only that, but it's a genuinely lovely way to spend the day. What more could you ask for?

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